Tuesday, January 05, 2016

2016... The year of world beating, or the year of netflix and crackers?

Happy new year!

First few days of the year, I was thinking a little bit about what I want for the next 12 months. What kind of man do I want to be, what is the difference between a good man and a great man, and what is the secret sauce that stands in between a good man and a great man- how do I capture it?

Then I started thinking more about 2016. An insane election, terrorist organizations all over the world shooting everyone in sight, promises to build fully functioning AI, and more personally- a very challenging financial goal of putting Rosemary through two years of Bastyr. Maybe I'm doing really well if we just get through it... I feel like I might be stuck in neutral for a few years financially and personally. That's not bad- because being stuck in neutral means my wife is getting these life sized goals of a human sciences degree from a prestigious university, and my kids continue to grow and learn at their rapid rate. So I suppose it's time for Dad's goals to take a back seat for a few years- and that sounds good to me. Looking back on the last 8 years, Rosemary has really had the thankless job of staying home and keeping two little biological masses alive and undamaged, so it is satisfying to see her get her shot to do something world-class and show her true capability (which honestly, sometimes it feels like no one knows what she is truly capable of, not even herself...)

I'll just sit back and let life happen, and just enjoy the success of all those around me. 2016 might not be notable for me, but it sure will be for everyone else in my family. :)

So happy 2016 to you. I hope you can make it through this crazy year too, and maybe even find some achievements- even if they don't always look and feel the same as previous years.

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