Friday, May 11, 2012

Cars, cars, and more cars.

This blog post will be about cars. I apologize in advance.

So I have decided, the time has come, to part with my beloved 2003 yellow WRX. I've had this car for 8 years, dumped tens of thousands of dollars into it, and generally loved it like a family member. I have had this car my entire adult life, and it is my 2nd car. And I'm 26. :P

The real reason is, I've got a 2013 Subaru BRZ on order, and... I don't really need 2 sports cars I guess. I could keep the WRX and use it as my commuter car, which actually isn't a bad idea, because it's a nice 4 door AWD vehicle. But it's pretty harsh and noisy, rattley, and has lots of turbo lag. I maintain the car absolutely meticulously, and I figured hey, maybe I could sell it and buy a nice BMW 3 series for a daily driver. I've always wanted a 3 series, they are smooth, comfortable, and fun to drive, and my wife would love it too. That way I can still have a commuter car, like I've always wanted, in order to keep my sports car fresh and clean by keeping it in the garage and out of the outside parking lots at work where sap, dents, dings, and rain happen every day.

So I decided to post the WRX for sale at a pretty high value, thinking, hey. I'll sell it in the next 6 months, no pressure, I won't budge on price, and if I can't get a really great offer for it, I'll just keep it. That was my line in the sand, if I couldn't get $11k for it, I'd keep it. With 11k, I could go out and spend 10k on a BMW (saving 1k for tax) and have a pretty nice 325i.

BAM, a few hours after I posted it on craigslist, I got an e-mail with someone that said they were very interested. Then they e-mailed me again, just to remind me that they are very interested. They came and saw it the next day, and put a full price offer on the car. Sold... within 24 hours.

I was shocked. Not just at getting that much cash out of the car (I bought the car for 20k 8 YEARS ago, and I sold it for 11? WHOA...) but because... my baby would be gone. The first few days without the car, my life felt weird. I hadn't woken up without that car as part of my life in nearly a decade. Like a part of me was missing. I wasn't that sad, just... like when you don't have your wallet on you.

I had planned to sell the car after I had the BRZ, so I could drive that for a few days while I found a good BMW. Well that plan was all shot to pieces, so I had to find a BMW in the next few days so I had a car to drive to work. I took a few days off, and with the help of my brother in law, I went and checked out roughly 9 325i's. All of them sucked in some way... argh. There were 3 really promising ones, but each time, some huge issue stopped me from buying it. I knew my cousin had a really nice white 3 series, although it was the 330i, not the 325i, but I figured... hey, if she wants to sell it, maybe we could work something out that is good for both of us. Two days later, I had her car. It could really use around 4 grand in maintenance, but I'm looking forward to doing a lot of it myself. I can shave that cost down to about a thousand if I do everything myself, and have a really well maintained 330i, which would be really great. The car is bulletproof overall, and with new plugs, fluids, and belts, it should last for a very long time.

Now, here I am, the week after all this has happened. My BRZ is coming in any moment now- other cars with the same date have been showing up at dealerships all over the area yesterday and today, and I'm pretty excited. This entire episode has been because of this little BRZ, and because I want it to be my weekend and track car. I look forward to getting the car soon, maybe today, maybe next week, and immediately getting it clear-bra'd and tinted. Then the week after, it will be getting a full set of custom made parts for it with dyno tunes, and it will be my full on track car. I hope to hit 3 track events this year, that's my personal goal. I am really excited to learn how to really, truly drive a RWD sports car- how to slide it and regain control, how to heel-toe, how to really race the car on a track.

I'm very excited.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time to turn around

I love my wife dearly. She is truly the heart and soul of our family, the caregiver and healer.

It's so important to constantly make life meaningful and matter, and her constant "discomfort" in that matter spurs us on, and is critical. For when you are uncomfortable in your walk with God, or in your daily life, you are convicted to change it for the better. This is wonderful. It's probably funny for most people to think of it like that, but I love it. Rosemary wants us to fast movies & TV again for a while, and I openly accept it and take it as my own conviction, because she is half of me. Already in the last few days, just from removing the movies & TV on a daily basis, I have began awakening my soul again. Not that I've been "dead," necessarily- but definitely more of a status quo type situation.

For the last six months or so, I noticed I'm having trouble even getting anything out of music. That's a first in my life, as music has always been a way to tap into my soul and feel alive or convicted. Thanks to my mom, I found that Air 1 has a new station in the area, and even though I don't get reception of it very well, I started listening to it on the internet. In combination with the media fast, it feels great. I've already noticed a heightened awareness of my spirit, my need for my savior, and an increase in humility when it comes to my job. (as always, I just got re-orged and got a new boss, which I'm not too thrilled about)

I could talk about a gajillion other things, like my job situation, the kids, the work I've been doing on my WRX lately, or the next car I'm going to buy, but it's all so trivial and gray compared to my savior, who puts the spring in my step, the smile on my lips, and the hope in my heart. Even when I have bad days, my Savior is there for me to lean on and to remind me why I am here on this earth.

Thank you Rosemary, you inspire me, and you make me a better person. I don't say this to flatter you, but I say this because- truly and honestly- this is why I married you. Because you have conviction, you have heart, you have a desire to matter. Just like I do. You really are my soul mate.