Monday, June 27, 2011


Well, that was one of the best vacations I've ever had. We just got back from Kauai a few days ago, and boy was it fun.

We did three "outings" during the vacation. First, we cruised up the Na Pali coast and saw the cliffs, as well as lots of amazing beaches, most of which are inaccessible by land. Some of them are pretty famous from movies, too, like pirates of the carribean, six days seven nights, and others... it was cool, we saw a military installation for shooting down missiles, and snorkled off the reef. Followed a big sea turtle around for a bit, too.
Second outing was kayaking up the Wailua river, hiking a mile inland, and enjoying lunch and a swim at "The Secret Falls." a 110 foot water fall. It was pretty cool, and we have some pictures of us under the waterfall. Apparently fish and sticks and rocks fall pretty often, so you can't stay under too long. heh.
Third outing was a Luau, and that was interesting. I'm glad we did it, but the whole thing was a little hokey- they had almost a cafeteria like feel where they put 500 people to eat a buffet, then you watched a hawaiian dance show that had pretty awful musicians and not the most pleasing to the eye dancers. haha :) We had seen a free public show earlier in the week that was better. The fire dancers were cool though.

We rented a convertible mustang, and that was sort of neat, driving around with the top down and enjoying the breeze and smell of the ocean. We snorkled 4 times, saw some of the most amazing, brightly colored fish you'll ever see, and attempted to body board several times as well. I say attempted, because on 10 foot surf, it's very very difficult to body board well. We got the hang of getting out there and positioning, but we rarely were able to catch a good wave that brought us in. It was a ton of fun though, and great excercise. AND, booze is about a quarter the price there. So we came back with some of that. Not that we drink a lot, but man, why not stock up a bit when it's that cheap?

We came back extremely happy and relaxed. Of course, the kids are already driving us up the wall, but it's OK. We had a great vacation, and life is good.