Monday, March 14, 2011

Funny, how

Funny, how disasters sort of wake people up. What's happening in Japan right now is crazy, thousands dead, millions without power and water. A lot of people on the preparedness discussion alias have been talking about it, but what's funny, is how many of them are commenting that a lot of their friends and family are contacting them for preparedness advice since the quake hit. For instance, all local sources of the radiation pill are sold out, since the reactor shutdown that happened in Japan. One person even said they had an emergency neighborhood meeting around preparedness, where people were on the verge of panic.

I'm glad for things like this- not for the loss of life or well being, but that it opens peoples eyes, and makes them see what's important in life. Living day by day, status quo, seems good and feels good, but life gets interrupted all the time, and should be expected and planned for. The person too comfortable in their own little box in society is the person that will stand to lose the most when anything happens.

Do I live in fear? Absolutely not. That's why I have prepared, so I do not haveto. Same answer when people ask me why I carry a gun- am I scared? Nope, I'm not- because I'm carrying a gun. (duh)

Just like anything in life, resources are a tool. A means. They can be used for whatever you want- more TVs, cars, sound systems, and so on, or you can live a simpler life, and still have your happiness, while having some extra food in the garage and a few supplies stored away. After every major quake around the world, several very, very smart geologists come out of the woodworks and remind us that the pacific north west has it's very own fault line all to itself, and it's due for a magnitude 9+ earthquake any year now. People nod and go "yeah, pretty scary!" and continue on their day. Helllllooooo... pay attention folks. I know it's not fun to think about scary stuff, but there's pretty much zeroooo downside to being prepared. Oh, so you have an extra few hundred dollars of gear? Perfect for going camping! Too much food? Ha. Just eat it. :P

So, I am glad that a few people are waking up. CNN had a funny poll, which asked, do you trust the government's disaster response is good enough? and the response was pretty funny. 80% said no. Just why I can't expect a cop to be around every time a crime is committed, I carry a gun- I can't expect the government to protect me from everything in life. I am responsible for me and my family, and I will protect and care for them to the best of my abilities at all times.

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