Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The story below was about a zombie. I'm thinking about changing it a little bit to reveal the fact that he was a zombie at the end, so it sort of "pops" in your mind and makes more sense. I'll haveto try it...

I'm sitting here in all day training about a really terrible application we all haveto use quite a lot at work but that everyone hates. So I'm not paying too much attention, since I know most of it.

Lately, it's been a bit of an emotional rolloercoaster at my house. We have a new person staying at the house, a friend of mine, who we decided to try and help out by offering him a room for relatively cheap so he can get back on his financial feet, and get some accountability to help him out. Well, he's a nice guy, but he hates the idea of accountability, and he values his freedom a lot, so it's quite the strain. He's never home, which isn't an issue in my opinion, but he's not a man of his word so it's very difficult to nail him down on anything, and he feels guilt tripped all the time whenever we ask him *anything*. So it's a tough situation, and maybe the best is just for him to move back out, I'm not sure. It's a strain on all of us, and maybe he doesn't understand that living with people is a sacrifice and hard work, not all roses. Before he moved in, he was excited about what God was doing in his life, and we were meeting weekly to read the word and talk about repentence and other Kingdom principles. After he moved in, every time we talk about these things he feels like I'm judging him or measuring him against a list of things he needs to meet to live with us. It's partially true, as well- he drinks too much for my liking in my house. He feels like it's an acceptable level, and I do not. He gets offended when I talk to him about it, in any manner.

It's exasperating. I love him to death and would help him in any way possible, but man, it's not real effective if he's running scared from me. He's got the same complaints luke did... "you guys are constantly judging me and looking down on me" which is so exasperating to hear. First off, Luke was off being a druggie while living in our house, and earned all the "talks" he got, which wasn't even that many. Second off, our new house mate is extremely sensitive. I can also be sensitive, which makes it harder, because when he gets so easily offended it sort of hurts me, too, when he obviously doesn't trust me or my intentions, when the whole goal of this entire arrangement was to help him and give him a home.

He doesn't feel comfortable in our home... so, ok, if the heat gets turned up and you are being sharpened by iron, it hurts. Get over it, humble yourself, and do what you can to stop being offended and work together to fix issues. That message goes for me, and everyone else.

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