Thursday, February 03, 2011

He awoke with a groan, feeling throbbing pain throughout his body. Slowly, he pulled himself up off of the floor and glanced around. Nothing unusual, but the abandoned library was usually pretty quiet. He decided to go off to the city center and see if anything interesting was going on. He noted the rumble in his belly, and decided it was probably best to keep an eye out for anything to satiate the insane desire to eat.
As he arrived at the commons near city center, he noticed a commotion already starting. There were several other people crowding around something he couldn’t quite see. He tried to peer through the bodies into the middle of the commotion, but all he saw was flesh and clothes. As he neared the situation, he saw what it was. Someone had found a wild animal and, as expected, the throng of people were all attempting to rip it from his grasp. The animal was clearly dead, even half torn apart, but that didn’t stop anyone. He sauntered off, knowing that he really didn’t have any chance at any of the meat.
As he slowly made his way around in the morning light, he studied the buildings around him. They always felt so familiar, yet he couldn’t quite place it. Sometimes, he’d have quick moments of remembrance from a particular bench, street, or field, but they always seemed to flee before he could wrap his consciousness around it. He found one such park bench and decided to sit and see if anything interesting would come along. He repressed the urge of hunger, knowing that he probably wouldn’t have much luck anyway.
As he sat there watching the trees sway, he felt the inexorable draw towards a certain building. Just like most everything, he couldn’t identify the reasoning behind the draw, but he picked himself up and made his way over to the structure. There were glass doors at the front of the building, and it looked like lots of small colorful objects inside on shelves. He made his way to the front, and started hammering at the doors, not quite sure how to enter. Eventually, one of the doors wiggled a little bit and he pushed at the edge and it swung wide open. He made his way down one of the many aisles, keeping his eyes darting about for any potential danger.
He heard a scream and a large boom from outside. He quickly turned around and narrowed his gaze out the front doors, near the bench he had previously occupied. There- someone was being murdered! He saw a diminutive woman with a piece of wood with some metal sticking out of the end, standing over the body of some unfortunate person. She glanced around and quickly moved away, not wanting to draw more attention to herself than necessary. There seemed to be a few other people with her, but they were far more stealthy, not wanting to attract attention either. But it was too late.
As he got near the front doors, he saw a growing group of people forming as they made their way down the street, towards the body that was still leaking fluids, and ultimately, the girl and her companions. One of them shouted, and fire spouted from the wood and metal stick he carried, towards the oncoming group of people. He saw some of them fall, but that only enraged the survivors even more, as they picked up speed. Slipping out of the front doors, he decided he might be able to stop some of these people from being senselessly murdered- and he also noticed the rumble in his stomach growing louder. He eyed the wood stick with trepidation, knowing that it had felled many a fine person.
Instead of rushing straight on towards the group of stick-wielding murderers, he loped in behind them. It was almost too easy, with the throng of folks rushing at them taking most of their attention. He neared the first girl that he saw, the one that committed the first murder. As he got closer, he picked up speed and started roaring as the adrenaline and hunger for vengeance stirred within him. She turned around just as he arrived at her- only to take a fist to the stomach and have a bite taken out of her shoulder. She screamed to try and alert her companions, but it was too late for her- the blood gushing from her shoulder was too much. Several of the others looked back and saw the situation. As they reoriented their sticks of fire, they were overtaken by the large group of people from behind. But not before one of them got a shot off.
As he lay there in a steadily growing pool of blood, he remembered his name. Joe.


Kat said...

Vivid pictures, Ricky.

Rosemary Ochs said...

Reading it again, it makes way more sense. :)