Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I have a new job, and I start on the 21st. It's just an internal transfer to a new group, but it should be very good for me and my career. God is good, he provides all that I need. I have been job searching for something like 9 months now, and it's been getting more and more desperate the longer it goes on.

My current group has decided to completely move away from support and build engineering, and focus on being a standard development and test group, which left pretty much no place for me. Sort of unfortunate, but I was being "managed out," to use the polite term. I had probably two dozen informal interviews... and most of them got nowhere. My resume and experience caters very specifically to a certain type of work, and it does not line up with the traditional roles at Microsoft: Development, Test, PM, or Operations. It more aligns with an invisible group that ties all of them together and brings the code from one team to another. Every group handles that work differently, some ignore it, some use testers to do it, some use ops people to do it- but, rarely to people hire specific people just to do that one job.

I managed to find a group that is dedicated to doing code transition from development into production environments. Basically, the absolute most perfect fit I could ask for, as this is what my group used to do before it was cannibalized for other things.

I know that doesn't mean much to most of you readers, but... to me, it means that I have an opportunity to shine and be successful yet again. The first five years of my career were lit on fire, with constant promotion and increase. The last year has fallen off dramatically in that regard, due to the team getting away from what I do best. So this is an opportunity to continue growing and increasing my influence.

I had talked to every group within the xbox and games division about every single possible position I might be good for in the last 9 months. It was a dead end, unfortunately. But God knows where I would fit best, not me.

In other news... Life has been pretty darn good. Sure it has it's bumps and hills- Rosemary had her wisdom teeth out recently, Judah is having a hard time with discipline on some nights, and Taylor cries a lot. But overall, I think Rosemary and I are figuring out on a daily basis how to be better parents, and how to also focus on eachother more. My parents have been kind enough to offer to babysit every other week, which has let us have more alone time, which is darn critical. We've had some pretty fun dates recently. The food isn't always the best, or missing a showtime here and there, but just being alone with my best friend feels so relaxing and invigorating. I love her to death, and she needs this time just as much as I do, with those two little life suckers always taking their daily toll on her. :) We had some out of town family over this weekend, and it was a ton of fun. It's so good to have sane, nice family visit. People that share your ideas about life, and enjoy your company. Rosemary also got to go to the craft and gift fair with her mom a couple weekends ago, and I was so happy to let her get out of the house without the kids. It wasn't easy(for me), but it always gives a much needed perspective on how Rosemary's daily life is, when I haveto live it just a little bit. My respect and awe of her increases every time I do.

Our finances are really starting to come together now, too. Our car insurance just went down dramatically, and we've got a refinance coming. Being debt free really helps- most couples are too busy paying large corporations crazy amounts of interest, instead of keeping that money for themselves. I wouldn't say we live real lavishly or anything, but it's so important to have the option to GIVE our extra money away, instead of needing to constantly pay off debt or handle the next crisis, which everyone has. In the early church, right after Christ died, the church was described as a group of people that supported eachother fully, and helped provide for eachother whenever someone was in need. I want to be like that. I want to humble myself and give money to people that need help, instead of always spending it on myself. I hope I've achieved that, and I hope to continue to. Life is so much more important than money, and praise God for letting us live a life where we can embody those core beliefs.

I'm sort of just rambling on different topics, but I needed to blog. :) So enjoy.


Rosemary Ochs said...

I did enjoy your ramblings. Good post.

Kat said...

Ramblings are important.