Friday, October 08, 2010

I'm so angry right now.

Microsoft has just announced that there will be massive health care changes, due to the new obama healthcare legislation, which taxes cadillac health care plans immensely, which will apparently make them extinct.

Right now, at microsoft, if my son needs to go to the hospital, we take him. It's fully covered. Zero costs. Even if I have to take him 4 times a year, or 30 times a year. That's a "Cadillac healthcare plan" and it gives me the safety and security that I know I can get my family treated no matter what. Microsoft cannot afford to continue providing cadillac plans, because it was the Obama administration's plan to tax them so heavily so they could pay for the rest of the obamacare legislation. It looks like they didn't figure in the fact that everyone will abandon these top tier healthcare plans because of the tax, and now their plan for how to pay for their healthcare is now gone. So now obamacare is unfunded, AND it's destroying top tier healthcare plans for middle class hardworking people.

OBAMACARE = SUCCESS! Let's just remove good healthcare from the majority and make EVERYONE have mediocre healthcare plans that cost thousands out of pocket. YAY.

Now I don't have enough of the details to fully understand the new health care plan options, but it seems at around 2013, we will be fully under obamacare plans, with deductibles, co-pays, and so on. Taking my son to the hospital will cost me $1500 up front out of pocket, and 10% of total cost up to $1,000. Well our last hopsital visit costed almost 10 grand, so that's something like $2500 out of pocket. And Judah visits the hospital several times a year.

YAY GO OBAMA! You are a failure as a president and you are destroying healthcare for millions and plunging us into trillions of dollars of more debt.

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