Thursday, July 22, 2010

Judah's 2nd birthday

So yesterday Judah turned 2 years old. Quite the milestone. For the last few months, we've been marvelling at how wonderful his language skills have come, telling ourselves surely a 1 year old cannot normally have such a firm grasp of English. I'm sure some of it is just because we think our child is a genius because he is our child. But now we won't be able to say that as much, because he is 2 now. He's getting a grasp on the counting thing now, as well, and he'll properly answer you when you ask him how old he is.

It's a real joy being a father. Judah is such a wonderful little child. He has his fits, like any other kid, but for the most part he is a curious, interesting, fun little boy. I'm very proud of him. He can do and say some pretty impressive things, but most of all- he's my son. I just can't WAIT to take him shooting, fishing, bicycling, hiking, playing video games together, and so forth. We already have a BLAST playing in the back yard and in the play room, and he really loves it. It's so incredibly important to keep him into the physical activities, because look around- childhood obesity is now considered an "epidemic" in our country, and a lack of work ethic is one of the many reasons this generation is having a very hard time finding jobs. Apathy is rampant, and the average toddler watches 4-6 hours of TV a day. That's more than the average face time they get with their parents... yeah.

I'm so very happy that we can afford to have Rosemary stay home and focus on our children's development and family life. Yeah we have less money. But you know what? When I look at Judah, all those concerns melt away, and I just want to be the very best dad possible.

In just one year, he's learned to walk, talk, run, jump, slide, climb, manipulate, beg, empathize, and lie. So Judah, here's to a new year, with even more exciting developments, and more exciting family fun. I look forward to being the best father I can to you, and enjoying your snuggles and punches.