Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What a crazy week.  So the hiring manager for that position was on vacation all last week, and didn't complete all the interviews yet.  So I'm still waiting on that. 

I've been praying and thinking hard about my work situation, and since I don't feel that the job is a lock for me, I've been trying to work hard on my current projects and continue to deliver value.  I had a sad talk with my boss the other day, where he basically told me he ranked someone else ahead of me (someone that most everyone in the office finds a joke of an employee).  It got me pretty frustrated, that's for sure.  Well, in all of this reflection and prayer, I am constantly reminded that I need to work hard and be a servant, no matter my circumstance- because the word tells me, work as if God is my boss.  He's got my future mapped out- every day, every hour, and he knows me better than I know myself.  Each action or lack of action is guided for my benefit, and the only way I will benefit is if I continue to try hard and get the most out of whatever situation I am in- even if it means working for a man that sees little value in me, despite my accomplishments.

So here I am at work on the tuesday after a three day weekend, working hard.  I'd rather be at home, letting other people take over my projects, staying with my wife and child, waiting for my next child.  God knows, they could use me there.  Which brings me to my next topic.


Rosemary is halfway thru week 38 now, and she's been miserable since... well, since the start of this pregnancy. :( We were really hoping the baby would come over the 3 day weekend, for several reasons... the end of the pregnancy, to see our little girl, and so I didn't haveto go back to work, you know, in a legitimate way.  Well that didn't happen, and the weekend was only so-so because of the side effects of being 38 weeks pregnant.  She lost her mucous plug on sunday, so we're on notice, but man. come on.  Let's get going here.  I need a month off pretty bad, and I'd love to spend it with my family and be there with my wife.  God knows my breaking point, and he knows my wife's, and he won't take us past that.  I gotta keep putting my trust in Him- Father knows best.


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