Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First day back at work after we had the baby.  Yeah, it's been a while since I blogged.  I had a baby, spent 750 bucks on my cat who was very sick, thatched my back yard, buffed/waxed my car, got new tires, had the house painted, etc etc.

It was good to get some things done around the house.  The time off was also good for Judah and I, because we became best buds while mommy was taking care of baby sister.  Poor guy though, I'm home for a month and I go back to work, and it's probably a huge shock to him- he wakes up and his dad is gone all day.  Well the month was good- it felt long, and short, all at the same time.

So here I am, back at work.  It sounds like there are some major shakeups coming for my team.  My boss won't tell me, we just had our 1 on 1 meeting and he didn't say a peep, but he's not real great at hiding important meetings.  I saw on his calendar, an hour long meeting in sammamish titled "Rick Ochs' role in Strategic Adoption" with a bunch of text in it that sounded like there won't be a place for my skill set in this team much longer, and in the meeting a different, senior team member was invited, too.  Sounds like my boss will be getting all of his employees removed, and they will be redistributed between two of the other people in the team, and in addition, they might try to move me out to a different group or something.  We'll see I guess, but my skip level manager set up a private 1 on 1 with me for tuesday morning.  Probably when she thought I would be back from my paternity leave. heh.

So we'll see how all this shakes out.  It's a little bit of an answer to prayer, just because my relationship with my boss is so rocky, but it's also a very unsteady feeling, not knowing if they want to just tell me to find another job, or if they will just keep me around as baggage for some time.  Who knows.  But it doesn't bode well for my yearly review, either. :(

Anyway.  That's life.  I miss my family quite a bit right now...


Rosemary Ochs said...

We miss you too.

Kat said...

Tough going back to negative stuff, huh?