Monday, January 11, 2010

We put an offer down on the #1 house on our list a few days ago after looking at some more.  We identified our potential 2nd and 3rd choices, since we agreed the chances of us actually getting our #1 pick was pretty low.  That house was listed at 389k, and we'd haveto buy it for 375k with them paying 10k of closing, effectively 24k less than what it was listed for.  Sort of a low ball offer, so we didn't think they would accept.

We put our first offer in for 370k, them paying 10k closing, figuring if they do counter, we'd go up to 373k and then 375k or something like that.  BUT, much to our surprise, they just accepted our first offer straight up.  There was one little thing they wanted to change, which is the neighborhood review contingency, which basically gives you a couple of days to see if you like the neighborhood and opt out if you don't.  We loved the neighborhood, by far one of the best parts of the house, so it was an easy choice to waive that.  Our real estate agent, Lesa, took a look at the local sex offender registry and asked someone locally about the neighborhood just to make sure they weren't trying to hide anything, and it all checked out perfectly.

It feels definitely like God is in control of this deal, because of a few details:

- We got the house for 5k less than we ever thought we could have gotten it for. This raises our comfort level a good deal.
-  We put our offer in 5k above a previous offer they had, and they completely ignored that offer because it was an insulting lowball.  But, they accepted our offer straight away.  That tells us we came in at the best possible price.
- The house is perfect for our needs/wants list.  Perfect neighborhood, 2 car garage, big back yard, 5 bedrooms, 2500 sq ft, enough to live in basically forever.  The few downsides to the house are all either minor, or something we can fix down the road.
- we essentially got this house for 360k.  In a nice neighborhood, with all the amenities we wanted.  This house will be very, very easy to re-sell at some point, and it will most likely turn a very good profit, because of the well kept neighborhood, location, amenities, etc.  Our real estate agent is very happy about that part.

Overall, this buying a house experience went absolutely *perfect*.  Which is great, because our #2 and #3 houses on our list each had a big negative piece, either a small back yard or a bad location (across the street from a high school).

Praise God.


Rosemary Ochs said...

Wow that would have been a low offer. Your second parapgraph says that we put in an offer for 270k. Geez, that would have been really nice. :)

Congrats on your new house. Do you have an extra room for me and a few kids?

Ricky said...

I guess.