Monday, January 04, 2010


started up my car after church yesterday to go get a haircut.


Oh no. shut off the car.  Check oil levels, add some oil... restart car.


it got a little quietter... but that's probably just the ECU trying to adjust for it.  I didn't drive it or anything, I don't want to damage the car any more than it might be right now.  No Check Engine Light, which is weird since the knock sensor should be picking up the really loud knocking.

I'm 2/3rds of a way thru this tank of gas, so it's probably not bad gas... I did just get my timing belt done 3 or 4 thousand miles ago, so maybe it's a timing issue.  Either way, there is probably something seriously wrong inside the motor. maybe I spun a bearing? that happens sometimes in these 2.0 motors that have been modified.

At about any other time in my life, I would be somewhat excited by this, because I'd have the opportunity to drop in an STI motor and continue the life of my beloved bugeye.  But... since we're in the middle of selling our house and buying another, we're absolutely zero on cash. yay.  So what do I do? Buy a beater and figure out a way to eat the cost, drive it for 6 months until I can afford to fix my WRX, or do I just try and drive my wife's car, leaving her without any options during the day?  None of the options are any good.  I could just do the cheapest repair possible on my WRX, but that doesn't make much sense either, since I'd just haveto drop in a new motor later anyways, or sell the darn thing.

I'm stuck!  Well, time to get on my knees and pray about it.  Just one more challenge in my way.  We'll get through it- God always provides.


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Rosemary Ochs said...

Poor baby.

At least its not her fault. This stuff always happens when good stuff is happening in our lives. Someone just doesn't like the change in our lives.