Thursday, January 21, 2010


After writing a beginner's guide to my latest favorite game, Modern Warfare 2, and distributing it to a few people that needed some serious help, the guy that runs the Microsoft Sidewinder blog noticed and asked me to write a few articles on their blog for that game.  Since it is the most popular game in the history of gaming.  Well since then, I've written several more articles on that blog that have gotten some fair amounts of attention (a few hundred legitamate hits a day from the blog), the Sidewinder team decided to send me some free hardware.

I always was a HUUGE sidewinder fan- I had pretty much every controller they've ever made.  Sidewinder 3D pro, Strategic Commander, Voice Commander, Freestyle Pro, etc etc.  They canned that group several years ago when PC peripherals started winding down, unfortunately.  Well the team was re-created a couple years ago to mainly focus on keyboards and mice.  They've done a really great job with their latest creations, and I'm excited to help out the sidewinder team, and I'm very excited to play with the X6 keyboard and X8 mouse.  I just got them, and man, they are pretty cool.  Lots of great features, great for gaming, and a very nice tactile feel on the keys- a nice backlight on the keyboard, macro buttons, detachable num pad, and so on.  I'll probably write up a couple nice blog posts over on the soon about them once I can play with them more, but wow it's a little surreal to be helping out one of the teams that helped define so much of my childhood time in front of a computer. :)


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