Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm so frustrated at computer repair shops.  Recently a family member mentioned to me that they had their computer in a repair shop, and they were asking me for other potential options to the MINIMUM $500 REPAIR BILL they would charge just to pull data off of their hard drives.

WHAT?! $500 to just copy some data over?  I mean, maybe if the hard drive is smashed and they haveto use a clean room to get the data off the spindle. So I grabbed the computer from him, got one of those little USB backup drives, copied all his data over to the USB drive, (I bought some data recovery software for fifty bucks to take data off of the bum drive) and gave it back to them last night.  eighty bucks for the new drive, fifty bucks for the software, and a few hours of pulling the drives out, setting up the data copy, and verifying drive integrity etc.  all done.

This just ticks me off that these lame computer repair companies gouge so much.  I've heard so many stories of computer repair shops claiming people need new RAM, a new motherboard, and all this other junk for $800, when really... it's a software issue.  OR telling people they should reformat their computer for every minor little issue that they could fix if they were a little less lazy.  I qouted out a new computer for this family member, and the entire qoute came out to about $430, with 4 gigs of ram, two processors, new hard drives, and all that jazz.  And repair companies want often times double that just to repair bits and pieces that are only at max 100 bucks?  so lame.

Anyways.  That's my rant against computer repair shops.


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Kat said...

They are obviously into major profit built in. They probably operate like a lot of car repair shops with women. They know most people don't understand the problem so they add in a bunch of stuff to keep their profits high.