Thursday, January 28, 2010

God is good.  Very, very good.

So I took my car into my shop a couple of days ago to have them listen to the motor and give it an oil change.  I switched back to redline oil, since there are so many reported problems with mobil1 synth.  Well, they do the oil change, listen to the car, put it up on the rack and poke around... and nothing. the motor sounds great.  Final word was, the top end of the motor was probably starved for oil, making some metal on metal contact where the springs are.  Should be good to go now.  That's great to hear, since now I don't haveto drop 3k for a new motor and installation.

I did my taxes on that same day.  We increased our deductions last year since our tax return was so large, so I wasn't expecting a huge return- but a little something that would help us with unexpected expenses as we move into our new house here soon.  Well, bam, our tax refund was even larger than last year's.  The amount we tithe per month has almost doubled throughout the year- because of our personal tithing goals, income increases, and whatnot.  God is faithful- that's for sure.  The tithe was a big factor in the tax return, as was the interest paid on our home loans, some childcare costs, and all that tax that was paid on my bonus (my bonus for some reason always bumps me up into the higher tax bracket, so it's taxed at something crazy like 50%).

We managed to lock in a 5% interest rate on our new home loan.  That's incredible- rates were starting to edge up right when we were getting ready to make an offer, and bam- they dip back down to 5% for just enough time for us to lock in that rate.  This drops our payments a good $30 a month from our initial estimates, and gets us in a little more comfortable territory.

We got the house we wanted for 5k less than we expected, further lowering our mohtly payment from our estimates by a good $70 a month.

The sellers agreed to all inspection items to be replaced/repaired, and they might do more than what is requested.

Soooo.... all in all, God is GOOD, all the time, and He is faithful to fulfill His promises in the bible.


Rosemary Ochs said...

He seriously has been AWESOME! He turned this stressful and pressed situation into an amazing one and we feel MORE free.

God is good.

Kat said...

So happy for you two. Can I watch Judah for you the day you move?