Sunday, December 20, 2009

To my unborn Child,

I am very excited to see you.  I look forward to holding you in my arms.  I know that you already know who I am, because I talk to you already, and the books tell me you know my voice by now.  Well I want to tell you, that I will be here for you.  I will protect you when you are hurt, I will hold you close when you cry.  I will play with you when you are bored, and I will raise you up to be an amazing man or woman of God.  I will teach you where you lack, and I will guide you when you go.  I will be the best father that I can be.  I will buy you a nice big house where you can live, play, sleep and learn.  I am your father, and I will try to be the father that we all wish we had.

I love you more than the stars in the sky, and I will shield you from this big scary world until it is time for you to understand it, and then I will let you grow and discover so you are prepared to face it with knowledge and confidence.  I will let you make mistakes and find out who you are.  I will let you hurt yourself, and find out what it means to get back up and try again.  You will learn to be an overcomer, as you are from a long line of overcomers.

So sleep well, little one.  Rest and grow, for we have a lot to do together.  I can't wait to get started!

Your Father

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

We sold our house!!

YAY!!! I'm very happy, because we are now freed up to go and look for our next house.  The house shopping is the best part of this whole darn process.  The whole selling the house part was a huge pain, and moving of course is a huge pain, but... the shopping, that's the goods right there.  We've outlined some of our criteria:

1) Big yard.
2) 2,000+ sq ft
3) 4 bedrooms, or 3 bedrooms + an office or basement
4) two car garage (three car would be crayyzzaayyy awesome)
5) location... hopefully somewhere close to a freeway. Right now we've broadened our search from Renton to Issaquah, Bellevue, Renton and anywhere close.

We're coming to realize that the best house is probably the most important part of the search.  When we first started searching, it made us very uncomfortable to think about moving more than a few minutes farther away from our parents (and church), but now that we are getting a bit of a grip on what we want and need for our family, we're starting to look a little farther out.  We know several people that have moved across the country multiple times, away from family, planting their family in a whole new community several times.  It sort of makes us look like wimps when we complain about an extra 10 or 20 minutes to get to the Grandparent's house.  We want the sort of house that has enough land, room, parking, etc so we could potentially stay in it as long as we wanted.  Something we can create a home out of... host parties, have a play room for the kids, and generally raise our family the best we can.  That's pretty much the most important part of our lives now.  Judah is growing up, and we've got another on the way, and we're starting to realize that we've only got one good shot to raise these kids the best possible way we can.  We need to do everything to gaurantee their futures, and that's more important than church, commute, or anything.  Those things play a part, but mommy and daddy need to be the mommy and daddy- especially this day and age, when that's pretty rare.

We did haveto settle for a few hundred bucks less than we could afford, unfortunately, but we did manage to sell, which is great.  The condo dues are going up to $408 a month starting in January, and it's critical we get out of here and stop paying insane dues, which hinders our financial goals a bit.  We're literally paying for a $300,000 house on a $200,000 mortgage because of those stinkin dues.  I'm so glad we're out from under it, and we can find something we can turn into our home.