Friday, November 20, 2009


Yes, I'm getting that bug again.  Seems like I get it every winter or so, when it gets much colder and the idea of surviving without the comfort of electricity gets more uncomfortable.  Surviving without common every day things in the summer is no big deal, since you don't need some sort of heat source, cooking is easier, you can survive outside without shelter, you can hike around without as much gear, etc.

Anyways, I'm sort of on this survivalism kick again, and here are the reasons this year:

-The dramatic fall of the value of the dollar, and the fact that our current president plans on spending an additional trillion dollars on his own agenda beyond what he has already spent.  We cannot continue to runaway spend and expect our country to exist.  There are countless qoutes, documentaries, and statistics that show all major world powers that extended beyond their means have fallen, and fallen hard.
-Jericho.  Great TV show.  It's a little sensationalist, I'll admit, but it does sort of cater to my more morbid, free-thinking creative side.
-Green river flooding.  Possible power outtages, local service outtages, and not far after that we usually see runs on local grocery stores for things like firewood and toilet paper (this happened during the winter storm last year, and it left a lot of people without heat sources, and some of the less fortunate older people died).
-Winter... the last two years in a row were claimed by the news media as "one in a hundred" winters.  Well, more like two in a hundred, huh?

So yeah, I've got a bucket of food that'd probably last us a couple weeks, and a bucket of various little survival things like a water filter, a windup radio, flashlights, pots and cups, and so on.  We'd probably haveto get real creative with the stuff we don't have covered, such as waste management, heat, gas for cars, money and so on, but we've got a start.

I'm sure I've got a tin foil hat on in some people's opinion, but you know, when it comes to this topic, I don't really mind.  If I'm wrong, then so what, it's no big deal.  If, under the slim chance I am right about something happening (the food is good for 25 yrs), then I stay alive while others haveto brave the foot riots.

yay for being alive!

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