Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm having a hard time battling my mind about the house.  I'm so anxious for it to sell, but I keep telling myself and praying that God is in control and it's all according to His timing.  Rosemary asked me the other day when we can take it off the market, since she has to keep it clean constantly with a child in tow, and now she'll be watching another one as well.  We've had good interest lately, just no offers... it's getting me antsy.

One idea is that we could pay the buyers condo dues for the first six months.  We might put that on the table, we'll see.

Other news... hmm.  Rosemary came down ill yesterday, so I had to come home and work from home so I could keep an eye on the kid while she caught some ZZZs.  It worked out well, because my only other meeting was a virtual meeting later in the day.  I managed to get some spreadsheet work done, too.

The head of all of "Engineering" in MSIT has come down and stated that he needed 300 servers shut down and pulled out of the labs we use.  So all of the divisions in MSIT have been scrambling to figure out what servers they can decomm.  Well, in our division, all of the people that managed our servers were laid off several months ago.  No one knew anything about our current server situation, or how to find out about it.  So I started doing some investigation and immediately found over 500 servers that are way past their lifespan.  I've managed to get over 60 of them decommissioned so far, and I've gotten over 130 free virtual machine tokens in return for my decommissions.  Essentially, free replacement servers, valued at somewhere around 600k.    I'm hoping to get more decomms and hit the 1 million dollars saved mark.  Every division tagged a representative to be the division lead on the decomm effort, and somehow that role fell to me in our division (I'm guessing since no one else knows the state of our servers).  I'm very glad, because this team of leaders from around MSIT is full of very, very high level people, and it's getting me good visibility, since I am outstripping all of them on number of decomms I've gotten for all of MSIT.  I'm hoping that translates into some noteriety with my superiors in my division, and maybe some more authority when it comes to trying to get different teams to give me their old clunker servers.  It's been like pulling teeth to try and get these things out of their hands, but most teams at microsoft are very political, and covet their old junk hardware they don't even use.  It's obvious that a lot of teams are fending for their own interests, instead of the interests of the company as a whole, which is unfortunate.

Who knows, maybe I'll pull off a gold star award and get a good chunk of cash.  Doubtful, but I can dream.

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Rosemary Ochs said...

Regardless if you got a gold star award, you have been doing an amazing over and above job there and you have actually felt like you are adding value to the company. That's what's most important. I like seeing you happy in your work.

45 days 'til Christmas!