Monday, October 05, 2009

Wow, a VERY busy couple of weeks.

A few things:

  • the house is now up for sale.
  • Rosemary got fired two days before her last day... very disrespectful management, but she doesn't care, she was grinning because she didn't want to work saturday anyway.
  • Rosemary's diamond fell out of her ring. It was a huge shock to us when she looked at her ring and, bam, no diamond. Luckily we found it later. That would have been a HUGE financial setback, although we'd probably just throw in a fake until I could save up enough for something else.
  • we're pre-qualified for a home loan. at a much higher ammount than we should ever buy at. These lenders are crazy man, they want you to get into trouble with your bills...
  • We've all been sick with colds the last four days or so. Garbage...
  • we pressure washed the back patio, bedroom deck, cleaned the whole house top to bottom, staged the house, and so on, all in the last two weeks. Probably an average of 3-4 hours of cleaning a day, by both of us.
  • Judah is walking. YAY!
  • I'm a fan of a terrible football team.

And the house is listed here:

Tell everyone you know! We need/want to sell before the first time homebuyer's credit dissapears. Looks like the market is actually moving right now, we went and looked at a few houses in the area we want and saw lots of "sold" signs. sort of a good sign for us selling our house, not as great for buying.


Kari said...

When she takes her ring to EE Robbins, have them update her paperwork. They guarantee their diamonds and their settings, so if it happens again, they're replace it with like quality or better. And make sure she gets a little booklet where they write the dates in. Apparently if you get your ring there, they're supposed to give you one (I never got one, but Elsa did last time she had hers checked).

Ricky said...

yeah, we have one, it's just that we haven't had the ring checked every month like we're supposed to for the warranty. I wouldn't have worried about it at all if it had it's regular checkups.

Rosemary Ochs said...

There used to be an EE Robbins here in southcenter, and I never got it checked after they left. It would have been no problem if I had. Also, Ricky has talked about adding the ring to the homeowners insurance since the day we got married... so yeah. We both fail. But no worries, because we found it, and it wouldn't have mattered if it was lost forever, because I would have still been married, which is the important part.