Monday, October 19, 2009

Sell, sell... sell...

So the news is final.  Our group will be moving to the millennium campus, which is a little ways past the end of 520.  Kirkland/Redmond area.  In my current location, that makes my commute somewhere around 1:30-2 hours or so, one way.  So the importance of selling the house just went up another notch.  We’ve had a few interested parties, one in particular that has asked a few questions and is in the process of acquiring financing.  Not sure if that will convert into an offer or not- at this point I can’t really expect it.  We’ve been having a hard time cleaning the house every single day, but we’ve been getting it done.  We’ll be having the Agent’s open house later this week, part of the plan our agents have put together to make sure that the place is in front of new people every week so there’s a constant flow of traffic instead of one large lump.


So we took Pat & Kayla to the Seahawks/Cards game last weekend.  Unfortunately, the hawks had a pretty poor showing, but it was still fun to go.  The girls went and got their hair colored seahawks colors, and Pat & I tried to throw footballs thru little holes 10 yards away at the pre-game festivities.  Saturday night, we went to the David Crowder Band concert, and that was a ton of fun.  We had VIP passes so we got to meet David Crowder and his guys, too.  One of our relatives even tried to kiss David Crowder (we have proof).  David is such a good showman- pulling out the keytar, using his iphone for a microphone, making fun of Kanye West, the robot drummer… just lots of fun things.  He could be a comedian.


Unfortunately, Judah had to be with grandparents all weekend to facilitate our laundry list of things to attend.  We both missed him terribly.  And I swear he grew since I saw him last, too.  He’s growing both physically and mentally at a pretty good rate- picking up new words everywhere, and he’s to the point where we can walk around all day without any issues now.  He still trips over stuff a lot, but he can turn on one foot, and he’s a pretty natural tackler.  I swear it’s like having a 3 foot tall linebacker in my house- at any moment, you will be tackled.  He’s so much fun to play with.  It gets better and better every week, where more and more fun things are open to us because he’s old enough.  We started fort building a couple weeks ago, and now he can ask for food when he wants it.  I see a whole slew of scenarios in my head that I can’t wait for.  Grandpa James wants to buy him an electric car really bad, and he almost did this year.  I can’t wait until I can play catch with him.  I can’t wait until we can go to the airplane museums together.  I can’t wait to explain to him about space.  Just so much I look forward to there.  It sure is a personal sacrifice having kids though- instead of doing whatever you want, you pretty much haveto put all of that on hold and take care of the kid every day all day long.  But the aforementioned things more than make up for it in my opinion.  Just wait until we get slot cars.  Of course I’ll modify mine to be slightly faster than his… I need to keep up the image that Dad is completely undefeatable in every way. J  It took me a good ten years before I ever beat my dad at monopoly… time to pass that on and reap the benefits!




Kat said...

You could be nice and let him win once in a while too you know.

Ricky said...

it was like a right of passage when I finally beat dad at stuff. Even now... there are things I need to still beat him on.