Monday, September 21, 2009

I have such the desire to sell my house right now.

So many factors, I guess, but I just want a yard for my son, I want a real garage, I want some place my wife can stay home all day and take care of the family without needing more room or concern about having people over due to parking issues, and so on.

I mean our current place is great. It's pretty big, for a townhouse, it does have a one car garage, it's in pretty good shape. It's just that, I look at these real estate listings, and there is so much potential out there right now. Some really really good prices on houses, houses that have hards, have a good sized garage, a basement, extra bedrooms, everything we want and need for the next ten years of our lives.

Our current place has effectively failed us as an investment. I bought it for $210k almost 4 years ago now, it skyrocketed in price to somewhere around 250k by about middle of last year, and now it's worth probably right around what I paid for it. The monthly dues are sky high, at around $370 a month. Combine that with the fairly high interest rate I am paying right now, and the super high rate on the 2nd mortgage, and the monthly I am paying is pretty crazy. I pay around $1850 a month for a place that is worth probably around 1600 a month or less right now. Interest rates are low, homebuyer credits are out, and it's a buyers market. I could probably buy a new place, keep the same monthly cost, and be in a much better situation. And the buyer of our place would be, too, since it would be a great investment and they could live here for much cheaper than I am...

I'm interested in seeing if I can sell the place without a real estate agent. The fees add up to around 12 grand for buyer and seller real estate agents, and if I go without them, I could just shave 12 grand off the top of the price and sell it to whoever at a pretty aggressive price. If I do sell with a real estate agent, I'd haveto figure out how to sell for a price that the condo might not be worth right now. Lots of work. Staging the place, getting a storage unit, hoping for interest... gah.

So, everyone spread the word. If you know anyone that is looking to invest in a nice little townhouse for a starting family or wants a centrally located place with no yardwork, send them my way.

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Rosemary Ochs said...

So how do you feel about being a father? Do you enjoy playing with Judah now that he plays games and throws balls? What's life like with a kid?