Monday, August 24, 2009

Here's the vacation route planning I've done:

We're taking off wednesday night at roughly 8pm. earlier the better probably, just to try and get more breaks in for liquids and stretching. Judah's sleeping in the car is also a major consideration. We've got the packing list down, but we still need to figure out some house sitting issues- feed the cats, pick up the mail sort of stuff. It looks like it's shaping up to be fun, and something we both need. For Rosemary, work has been pretty trying, which thankfully she'll be quitting after another month or so to be home full time. Both of the places I selected to stay at are within a block or two of the beach, as well as within walking distance of downtown/the boardwalk. I'm looking forward to some good beach time. We'll be going to the "famed" Monterey Aquarium as well, with some of Rosemary's relatives that live down there. I'm hoping Judah does well, but I'll definitely be bringing some books in case.

Don't qoute me on it, and I'm afraid I wont follow through, but I've actually thought about running on the beach in the mornings for a little bit to just get a bit of cardio in. I definitely need it, and I usually HATE running, but running on a beach always has a lot more appeal. Warmer, better view, more fun, you get to watch the people, hehe. So it probably wont work since I'll sleep in and we'll have Judah, but it's just one of those things I want to keep hoping to do.

Life has been rather interesting the last week or so, since learning my mom has breast cancer. She is engulfed in a whirlwind of emotion, and my Dad is learning to deal with emotion in a new way as well, which is probably rather difficult for him. I'm very glad that they have a great support network of friends and family around them, but I know my dad usually internalizes his emotions and goes it alone, and I'm hoping he doesn't. I'd hate for him to try and deal with this by himself, when there are others that are also dealing with it. I guess it's kind of an Ochs male thing, but we don't have a lot of good friends, y'know?

Anyways- we're excited to get away and have a relaxing vacation (the aquarium is the ONLY thing on the agenda besides checking out two different sides of the bay). Pray for my mom. I love her very much, and it's hard to see your mommy be so hurt and not be the wonderwoman you've seen your whole life. She will persevere, and she knows it, so pray that her whirlwind is overcome by the peace of the Lord and the strength of her Father.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I had a wonderful birthday.

We went out to Chantanee Noodle in Bellevue, and invited a bunch of friends & family. About 13 people showed up, and we had a wonderful time. The good food didn't hurt, the conversation was good, and I got a few cool things. It was a wonderful birthday.

Birthdays have really transformed over the years for me. When you are 18 or younger, you look forward to balloons, colorful toys, and so on- but after maybe 21, birthdays are really marginalized in the grown up world. It's a little off-putting, because you remember these really fun celebrations where everyone focuses on *you* in a human I'm selfish sort of way, but you grow up, the parties go away, the balloons go away, and people move on. Man, shouldn't we celebrate them MORE because, hey, look, we're still ALIVE!!? :)

I got a few things I'm excited about:

  • Several Philip K. Dick novels and short stories. I've been interested in some of the older, original sci-fi works from the 60s when the sci-fi revolution started. Philip K. Dick is the author of some of the great ones that really started a lot more of the philosophical side of Sci-Fi, such as: paycheck, minority report, iRobot (do androids dream of electric sheep?) bladerunner, Total Recall, and others. The movie adaptations add a litle more action and take out some of the more thoughtful futuristic society pieces, but are still good movies in my opinion.
  • A car care kit from Griots Garage. It's just a little travel sized guy, but I love Griot's products.
  • A gift card to Guitar Center to pick up a Cajon (box drum). I really want a box drum to keep exploring different percussion instruments I can play in sort of an acoustic unplugged sort of way, as that is how we've been playing at young adults. Most people would consider the cajon a better option than a djembe for the rock style stuff I play anyways, but I've got a lot more experience with the djembe and was able to make that work pretty well. Unfortunately, my extensive djembe experience is leaving behind some more of my basic percussion stuff that I need to focus on to make sure I'm still a well rounded musician. I need to focus some more on right left balance, triplets, and integrating some more rythms into my repertoire.

I'm looking forward to shopping for one. Unfortunately my local guitar center doesn't have hardly any cajons, just a standard pearl model, so I'll haveto visit a few other guitar centers around the area to see if any of them have a Meinl in stock.