Thursday, July 23, 2009

I met someone else that was a virgin until married today! that was cool. It's the guy at the AT&T store here in issaquah, I was doing a phone exchange (seperate story) and it was sort of weird how it came up- I heard him mumble something about religious reasons when we were making small talk during the transaction, and then he asked me about my wife (since we came in together last time). I told him we'd been married for a few years now, and we didn't really wait around a whole lot, and we started talking about how for religious couples, sex can be a pretty big factor in why people get married too early- and I told him yeah, that might have been a factor for us, hehe, and he looked at me and raised his eyebrows and said, "you waited til marriage?" and I said something like "Heck yeah!" and he gave me the fist pound and said "ME TOO!!!!" haha. That was awesome.

In other news... we planned a 6 day road trip down to california for the end of August. So we're looking forward to that. Two days in Santa Cruz, two days in Monterey, both hotels are right by the beach and a short walk away from boardwalk/the wharf/downtown. We're probably taking Judah unless we can find someone that can take him, which is unlikely with work/schedules, but man I haven't gone on a good drive or road trip in a long time. The last good one was probably the subie cruise a couple years ago around the olympic loop. So we're excited about that, and blessed that God has given us the finances to do it. Driving was quite a bit cheaper than flying, actually... 90 bucks each way, instead of what, three tickets at 150 a pop? 200 maybe? so that was a no brainer. It's only a 12 hour drive, and we'll probably do the drive down there at night so Judah stays asleep, so it should work out fairly well.

Cheers to summer vacations!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Woo, finally... Rosemary has been trying to get her money from her savings account that her grandmother manages for the last couple years. It's been a long and arduous fight, but she finally won! We sort of wrote that money off, even though its HERS, so it was pretty surprising when we actually got it. I'm pretty excited, not for the money, but for how it's going to let us reach our goals a lot more quickly. It's going to help pay off Rosemary's car, and hopefully after bonus time, we can pay off the rest of it, which will free up 250 a month in car payments, which will just ease the monthly load enough so Rosemary can stay home with Judah without so much financial strain of one income for three people. It's also really cool that we have a few extra hundred dollars we can give away to some people in need. it's a lot of fun to spread the love.

This, combined with a bit of income from Rosemary working a few days a week for a few months, will really kill all of our non mortgage debt(just that car payment) and free us up to put our resources towards more important things- saving for a house, fixing up a few things around the house, (the windows are getting worse and the garage door opener & washing machine have been running off of the holy spirit for the last 3 years). I'm hoping this will set us up to buy a house a few years from now, maybe when the housing market picks up a little bit so we can get some cash out of our townhouse for a downpayment on a big kids house.