Friday, May 22, 2009

Such a beautiful day!!!!

At lunch time, we set up a weber portable grill, went to costco, bought 40 sirloin burgers, buns, freakin huge costco hot dogs, potato salad, chips, etc and shot out an invite to all of the Core team. We had a ton of fun. Jorge put on some weird mexican 70's music, Mike made some fantastic burgers (he uses a mixture of worcestershire sauce and Johnnys, which I will now be using when I make burgers, because it was phenominal) and we just sat in camping chairs soaking up the sun in the middle of campus. haha. We were the envy of all of Sammamish those few hours.

I'm all lobster red now, but it was worth it. Plus seeing Gabo wear my aviators was great, too. Pretty much everyone has left already, and it's not even 2pm yet. I'm looking forward to the rest of the weekend now, too, just because of the weather. We're going to do a bbq on sunday, and with my newly acquired recipe I hope we have some fun there too. Makes me really wish I still had my jet-skis!! Lake samm on a jet-ski sounds like a GREAT afternoon right now.

We just completed week 3 of the hundred pushups program, and wooo that was hard. I managed to get 33 on my max set for a total of 130 pushups. I bet I'm probably in the 50-60 range total now. We'll see, I suppose! Rosemary and I tried to see where we are at for situps as well, and I only managed to crank out 40. I didn't really push myself that hard, it's a lot easier at work when everyone is doing them together. Doing all of these pushups sure feels good though, jsut to work hard and push yourself a little bit and see the benefits in your arms and chest. Sure helps with summer coming up. I just need to do the sit ups to work on this belly of mine now, hehe.

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