Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm a crazy American...

I have a list about a page long of things I want to buy. I'm sure everyone does, really. But man, I keep saying to Rosemary, if only I had a million bucks. There'd be a ton of smaller cheaper things I would buy. Here are just a few:

a real Djembe.
Box drum.
Rear sway bar mounts for my WRX.
gun safe.
lefty holster for my SP-01.
LED Tactical light for my SP-01.
BBQ grill.

Anyways, the list goes on and on. But what really gets me, is that I am totally fine without *any* of these items. It reminds me of our trip to India. We would walk around the villages and chat with people, pray for them, bless them, etc. So we would get invited into a house, and there would be a bed, a pot or pan, one set of clothes, and a few bananas. And that would be pretty much all they had in life. And when we would walk in, they would give us the bananas that they had. Mind you, that this was all of the food they owned. And in Indian culture, we must accept gifts from people, it is unacceptable to decline. We did anyway a few times, but some people would have pained expressions on their faces if we did not accept gifts of food just for entering their house. I see these folks, and they were insanely happy with life. They were alive! We usually ended up giving them some cash and blessing them- and cash goes a *long* ways. We basically gave them every dollar(rupee) we had, and came home with nothing. It didn't make sense to buy gifts for friends and family when people were dying of starvation in front of our eyes, y'know? At one point we stopped at a restaurant on the side of the road, and a full meal was right around 50 cents. And this was a sit down restaurant for India. A lot of the poorer areas we were in, people would get only a couple meals a week. So when you'd give them the equivalent of 20 bucks, that would feed them for 3 months.

So I look back at my list of American desires... ugh. Pretty disgusting, huh?

I'm not saying these things would bring me happiness. I know where my happiness comes from- my wife, my child, my God. But it sure would be fun to ride a Yamaha FZ6 on a sunny saturday, or have all my accessories for competition shooting, etc etc.

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Rosemary Ochs said...

Wow. And you are blogging so well!