Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So we replaced every inch of carpet in the house. When Daniel and I moved into the place, the carpet was bad… and it has only gotten worse in the years since, with large stains here and there and dark paths in the major traffic areas. We already painted most of the whole house, so with paint and carpet pretty much all done, the house feels new. We’re still putting things back where they belong, and I have a feeling we will be for a while, but nice carpet makes everything seem cleaner.

For my mom’s 50th birthday, we had a costume party/skit thing, where everyone had to do a skit. Rosemary and I went as Brad and Angelina, and we did sort of a spoof on the WWE polar bear foundation, but replaced it with old people.

For the last few weeks, a bunch of us guys (the ones that are left) are doing a 100 pushup challenge.

We’re on week two, day two, and I just finished and hit 23 pushups on the max for today, for a total of 77 pushups today. Already seeing some big gains. I started out being able to do about 23 in a row. I’m not sure how many in a row I could do right now, but it’s definitely more than 23. I’ll test myself this weekend probably.



Rosemary Ochs said...

Yes, the carpet looks AWESOME!

It's WWF (World Wildlife Foundation). The WWE is the World Wrestling Entertainment.

And yes, you are looking pretty fine because of those push ups.

Ricky said...

I did a max set at home on the same day and pumped out 35. I could probably do more on a day where I didn't already max out a few hours before, but hey 35 isn't bad for half way thru week 2.