Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm a crazy American...

I have a list about a page long of things I want to buy. I'm sure everyone does, really. But man, I keep saying to Rosemary, if only I had a million bucks. There'd be a ton of smaller cheaper things I would buy. Here are just a few:

a real Djembe.
Box drum.
Rear sway bar mounts for my WRX.
gun safe.
lefty holster for my SP-01.
LED Tactical light for my SP-01.
BBQ grill.

Anyways, the list goes on and on. But what really gets me, is that I am totally fine without *any* of these items. It reminds me of our trip to India. We would walk around the villages and chat with people, pray for them, bless them, etc. So we would get invited into a house, and there would be a bed, a pot or pan, one set of clothes, and a few bananas. And that would be pretty much all they had in life. And when we would walk in, they would give us the bananas that they had. Mind you, that this was all of the food they owned. And in Indian culture, we must accept gifts from people, it is unacceptable to decline. We did anyway a few times, but some people would have pained expressions on their faces if we did not accept gifts of food just for entering their house. I see these folks, and they were insanely happy with life. They were alive! We usually ended up giving them some cash and blessing them- and cash goes a *long* ways. We basically gave them every dollar(rupee) we had, and came home with nothing. It didn't make sense to buy gifts for friends and family when people were dying of starvation in front of our eyes, y'know? At one point we stopped at a restaurant on the side of the road, and a full meal was right around 50 cents. And this was a sit down restaurant for India. A lot of the poorer areas we were in, people would get only a couple meals a week. So when you'd give them the equivalent of 20 bucks, that would feed them for 3 months.

So I look back at my list of American desires... ugh. Pretty disgusting, huh?

I'm not saying these things would bring me happiness. I know where my happiness comes from- my wife, my child, my God. But it sure would be fun to ride a Yamaha FZ6 on a sunny saturday, or have all my accessories for competition shooting, etc etc.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Such a beautiful day!!!!

At lunch time, we set up a weber portable grill, went to costco, bought 40 sirloin burgers, buns, freakin huge costco hot dogs, potato salad, chips, etc and shot out an invite to all of the Core team. We had a ton of fun. Jorge put on some weird mexican 70's music, Mike made some fantastic burgers (he uses a mixture of worcestershire sauce and Johnnys, which I will now be using when I make burgers, because it was phenominal) and we just sat in camping chairs soaking up the sun in the middle of campus. haha. We were the envy of all of Sammamish those few hours.

I'm all lobster red now, but it was worth it. Plus seeing Gabo wear my aviators was great, too. Pretty much everyone has left already, and it's not even 2pm yet. I'm looking forward to the rest of the weekend now, too, just because of the weather. We're going to do a bbq on sunday, and with my newly acquired recipe I hope we have some fun there too. Makes me really wish I still had my jet-skis!! Lake samm on a jet-ski sounds like a GREAT afternoon right now.

We just completed week 3 of the hundred pushups program, and wooo that was hard. I managed to get 33 on my max set for a total of 130 pushups. I bet I'm probably in the 50-60 range total now. We'll see, I suppose! Rosemary and I tried to see where we are at for situps as well, and I only managed to crank out 40. I didn't really push myself that hard, it's a lot easier at work when everyone is doing them together. Doing all of these pushups sure feels good though, jsut to work hard and push yourself a little bit and see the benefits in your arms and chest. Sure helps with summer coming up. I just need to do the sit ups to work on this belly of mine now, hehe.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I think maybe I should take a week off here soon. The weather is getting nicer, I have three weeks vacation saved up, and it would be really good for Rosie and I to spend a week together. Go to the sci-fi museum, EMP, visit some parks. You know, kind of an around town vacation- do the underground tour, go out one night, etc.

I just feel a little overloaded today. A lot is going on, and I feel more and more responsible for more and more things in life. At work, which is going nutso with no direction or leadership and half our team layed off, at church where we have a new leadership team that seems foreign and more removed from our influence, getting our house in order with carpet, paint, a new bed, finances running pretty slim, and so on, Judah giving us a LOT more attitude lately, and the very large looming question of the next child, which seems to have gotten a lot more complicated in the last two days. Just a lot of weight, y'know? And it only gets weightier from here on out, for the foreseeable future. Work doesn't look promising for the next long while, but there aren't really any other internal jobs I can snag since there are, you know, an additional few thousand unemployed microsofties hangin around grabbing them all. Kids- the number only goes up. I need to get on my knees and really give all of this over to God in a better way. Sometimes I feel like I'm serving, giving, working, all of my hours away... I guess I look around me here at work and I don't see anyone else going and doing the things I do after work. They go drink and watch TV, chill at a beach, do whatever they want, but when I get home, my 2nd job starts, if it even includes going home that day. It's pushing me towards really disliking my job a lot more. I have even more trouble getting up in the morning, being motivated to serve Microsoft, and so on. it's a really hard job, and it drains me, and I don't like that. :(

God, take my weights away and help show me that my burdens are light and I serve you above all things. I am your servant, I am your son, and you take care of me.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So we replaced every inch of carpet in the house. When Daniel and I moved into the place, the carpet was bad… and it has only gotten worse in the years since, with large stains here and there and dark paths in the major traffic areas. We already painted most of the whole house, so with paint and carpet pretty much all done, the house feels new. We’re still putting things back where they belong, and I have a feeling we will be for a while, but nice carpet makes everything seem cleaner.

For my mom’s 50th birthday, we had a costume party/skit thing, where everyone had to do a skit. Rosemary and I went as Brad and Angelina, and we did sort of a spoof on the WWE polar bear foundation, but replaced it with old people.

For the last few weeks, a bunch of us guys (the ones that are left) are doing a 100 pushup challenge. http://hundredpushups.com/index.html

We’re on week two, day two, and I just finished and hit 23 pushups on the max for today, for a total of 77 pushups today. Already seeing some big gains. I started out being able to do about 23 in a row. I’m not sure how many in a row I could do right now, but it’s definitely more than 23. I’ll test myself this weekend probably.


Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Half of my team was just let go. Layoffs struck Microsoft again, to the tune of 3,000 employees. That was part of the 5,000 number originally reported six months ago or so, when 1,400 were laid off. So we can expect about another 600 to go.

It's pretty hard to describe how I feel and what the new landscape here in my group is like. When I walked down to my cube this morning, the rows were mostly empty... just empty spaces, where warm bodies used to be, drinking coffee, listening to music, getting loads of work done. I'm not sure how we're going to be able to absorb that work. We will probably haveto change how we work and what we can do, mixed with a bit of work overload for a while to trim down our deliverables.

Natural wisdom would say I got lucky that I was spared, because the people that were let go seemed to be at random in our team. Kingdom wisdom would tell me otherwise, though. God's got some plans for me at this company. There really isn't anything that seperates me from the guys that got the axe, and it was a pretty humbling moment (obviously moreso for those now at home today). They just got called into an office, told their badge would stop working at 4pm, probably signed a severance agreement, and sent their goodbye mails. That's that...

some really great coworkers and friends are now gone. I don't know what the future holds, but I do have a 1 on 1 meeting with my boss later today, so I'll probably hear about more later today.