Monday, April 06, 2009

Such a beautiful day!

Sunshine and good weather always lift moods. Makes me want to take a day off and take the family somewhere. Pacfic science center or something? I dunno. I think I get discounts for going there...

Makes me want to eat meat. I'm fasting meat and pop for three weeks, and this is the last week. I guess pretty much everything makes me want to eat meat lately, but good weather is just one more reason.

Anyways- cheers to all! Go out and enjoy the good weather!


Rosemary Ochs said...

The Science Center sounds fun! I wish Judah was a little older so that he could enjoy it more. The zoo sounds fun too! Last time we went it was cold, and I think I was pregnant... so we could use another trip there.

Rosemary Ochs said...
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Anonymous said...

fast meat forever! and dairy while you're at it, too!

Ricky said...

fast meat forever? That's stupid. Meat is one of the most delicious, wonderful things ever.

Anonymous said...

it's also bad for you and kills innocent animals in awful ways :(

you're right about it tasting good though!

Rosemary Ochs said...

My house plants are innocent too, but no one is throwing a fit becuase I kill them.

I think a cow is happy to be turned into steaks. As it takes that long walk, it's probably thinking, "Bail of hay and growth hormones, you shall not have been eaten in vain! I am finally going to fulfill my DESTINY!"

Besides, it must know that it will make many people very very happy.

Anonymous said...

i do not think cows have an actual human thought process but they ARE intelligent, emotional, and social creatures and I don't think they want to die or be fed dangerous growth hormones and antibiotics, or have their tails and ears cut off and be confined to small unsanitary stalls with hundreds of other cows their whole life, or to be kept constantly pregnant with hormones so dairy cows can always produce milk, then have their babys taken away to either become other dairy cows or have the boy cows become veal. i don't think they would feel happy about dying by getting a metal bolt shot into their skull and retracted (often improperly, so sometimes they are alive for the rest of the slaughtering process), then strung up by one foot, throat cut, travel along a “bleed rail” so all the blood drains out of their body, their head’s skinned (remember- a lot of cows are still alive, and since they are frightened and struggling the cows receive a blow to the head so that they can feel everything but just can’t move). Then their legs are chopped off, entrails removed, and finally split in half. If I was a cow I would definitely not feel happy about living a life like that and die a horrible death just so someone could enjoy 5 minutes of a big mac.

and that's just cows!

good resources:

Ricky said...

I really hate the argument that "it's inhumane!"

The word HUMAN is in there. Animals are not HUMAN. They don't have feelings and life aspirations. A hundred thousand cows are not worth the life of even one human. Why spend hundreds of millions of dollars on making sure cows feel less pain when dying or get treated HUMANe, where people are DYING out there from far worse things? HUMANS are dying out there, from human trafficking, warlords, drug trades, and so on? Screw the cows! If you are sitting there crying over cows that are feeling pain, you need a reality check. Go read books on human slavery. Go find out that every single piece of chocolate you've probably ever eaten has been prepared by a slave. Find out that there are more slaves in the world today than there ever have been in history. uuu uu!! A cow is hurting! o no! forget that crap man, save your tears for creatures that have feelings and dreams and hopes. Pick your battles.

Ricky said...

don't even get me started on the fact that people worry over the details of a chicken or a cow but have no issue with over 240 MILLION babies being killed before they are born. Sucking a fetus into a sink tops killing a cow in sooo many ways. Our country would be twice as big and wonderful now if we didn't murder half our children before they are born.

Anonymous said...

Ricky, I agree that there are of course many other problems in the world that require attention and issues that need to be addressed such as human trafficking and abortion. I however, do not feel that just because there are other causes to be dedicated to, is a valid argument against vegetarianism/veganism. Let me share with you a few points I have been mulling over which you may be able to relate to.
1. Though vegetarianism/veganism is a philosophy of life, not a religion, many people can find that the vegan ethic provides them with a moral beacon similar to religious concepts.. such as compassion.
2. I know there are numerous biblical passages that support a cruelty free lifestyle.
3. I think it would certainly take a cruel god to beget sentient beings whose sole purpose is to suffer and die at the hands of humans.
4. Although it is a Christian belief that animals have no souls and therefore do not go to heaven, doesn’t it then make more sense that we be as kind as possible to animals now, since this is the only life they may experience?
5. Even if you believe that god instructed humans to have “dominion” over the animals, dominion should be understood as guardianship, not domination. If people loved animals the way god loved animals in the Garden of Eden, we would never consider using them for selfish gratification and power.
6. God cherishes all creations. Those who respect the rights and lives of animals by not eating them, killing them, or using them for self serving purposes are following a path reflective of god’s love and compassion for all life. Those who practice vegan living and believe in a higher power can honor their god more fully by actively protecting and defending all life and all creation.
7. Killing other animals becomes even more heinous in light of the fact that we have innumerable alternatives to animal products for virtually everything.

‘And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.’ Genesis 1:29

Anonymous said...

‘My house plants are innocent too, but no one is throwing a fit becuase I kill them.’

I also feel like I need to address this sort of statement because it seems to be a common argument. There is no scientific reason to believe that plants have a consciousness or a psychological presence in the world. Plants do not have a brain or a central nervous system. They therefore do not have the fundamental mechanisms to experience pleasure, pain, and suffering. Fear and pain would serve no purpose to plants because they are unable to escape threat. There is no logical basis to support the theory that plants feel pain. The dubious possibility that they might, however, is no justification for killing animals. Any person should realize the difference between slitting the throat of an animal and plucking a fruit or vegetable (this of course does not mean that we should wantonly destroy plant life).

I hope that helps.

Rosemary Ochs said...

Can you offer another alternative "nice" way to kill cattle? If your response is to just not kill them in the first place, then you should travel to India. If you take a trip to India any time in the near future, you would agree that we are doing many animals a favor in eating them instead of letting them live.

Now, we could go back and forth on this, but before you start hanging Christianity over our heads, there are countless passages in the Bible where God provided meat to His people and also commanded it. When the Israelites were in the wilderness, he gave them manna and QUAIL daily. Or when the priests had to give sacrifices, or when God provided a ram for Abraham in place of Isaac. Was that cruel? Not in the least!

So how does it differ from today? The cruelty in the slaughter houses is simply a product of the necessity for mass production because there are 7 billion people on the planet.

Yes, we should respect all life. Because we choose to, or choose not to eat meat does not mean that we respect it any more or less. It is still God's provision for us, His children, that these animals have been provided for us. Which is why we still pray, and thank God at every meal. Could some things be improved? Of course! But then we come back to Ricky's point of where do we want to place our energy. In the animal, or in souls of men?

I am sorry that this whole post became a big attack on each other. My post about cows being happy to be slaughtered was supposed to be funny. Also, I have a lot of respect for vegetarians/vegans who choose that lifestyle. There, of course, is nothing wrong with it. We, as carnivores, get defensive about it when they try to tell meat eaters that we are wrong for doing so, which is simply not true. There is nothing wrong with either side. I am not vegetarian because I would have no discipline for it, nor do I feel the need. Those who do show great discipline and compassion, but it should not be used to attack others. I don't think this is what you meant to do either (whoever "you" are). I also was just being sarcastic with the house plant comment. Sorry for any offense that may have been taken.

I look forward to when we are in heaven, and there is no more curse, when we WILL be vegetarian/vegan and the lion with lay down with the lamb.

Anonymous said...

you make some very good points, and I'm sorry if it sounded like I was attacking! I kind of just like debating about the subject ;)