Thursday, April 02, 2009

Refreshing the house.

So we got an estimate for carpet, and we decided we're going to go with that. So, we started painting last night while the old carpet is down, for a few reasons: we want the carpet to match the paint, and we want to paint while the old carpet is down in case we spill. So we painted maybe a third of our bedroom last night and taped most of it all off. We got rid of the extremely ugly aztec red wall, and painted over it with a darker warmer red color, and started painting over the super ugly peach with a gray based offwhite. It already looks a ton better. I'm so tired of seeing a peach glow in the house from all the ugly walls. Most of the downstairs has already been painted, just the dining room is left there. We need to paint the rest of the bedroom and the hallway area connecting upstairs/downstairs before we lay the carpet, and Dad is going to come over on friday during the day to help out with that (part of a little agreement he had with us to help paint our house in leiu of cash when we went on our mission trip to India. He's already painted the downstairs area, so I figure we're even after friday).

We had to go with a 15ft roll of carpet to avoid some pretty ugly seems, so we had very limited choice in that range, but the one that was there matched what we are going for and works with our budget, so I think we're solid there.

All in all, I'm fairly excited about refreshing the house. We've had ugly walls and nasty 10+ year old carpet ever since I've moved in, and having new fresh paint and carpet can really make you feel better about your living space, and in turn give you some motivation to keep it cleaner, too. hehe.

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Rosemary Ochs said...

I think that we'll have a much easier time keeping the house clean. Our biggest issue is that we can't find the motivation when we feel that, no matter what we do, or how well we do it, our house never looks any better. (That's been my problem anyway.) We work for a whole hour cleaning the kitchen and dining area, but then we step back, and it still looks like a mess.

It's too bad that it's taken us this long to do these projects. Would have been much easier BEFORE you knocked me up...