Friday, March 27, 2009

I have this strange desire to blog, like there is a lot on my mind and I want to get it out. But I'm having a tough time coming up with what I actually want to blog about.

Things that have been on my mind lately:

Preparedness- being prepared for any kind of a social or natural disaster. My tin foil hat is only so big, so I'm only looking at a 30 day preparedness cache at this time, but it raises a lot of questions about the value of the paper dollar during a crisis, how to make a fire (it's really hard!) and things like that.

My car/Tracking it. I tracked my car a few weeks ago, and its was incredibly fun. So fun that I want to do it more. But of course, my car is appraoching 100k miles. It will need a new clutch/transmission sometime in the next year, and track days accelerate that timeframe and wear your tires out faster, etc.

My finances. I might get laid off sometime in the next 15 months. We want to recarpet the whole condo. Lots, and lots of things to think about here. We are presisting off of one income, with a child. And doing reasonably well. But it can be mentally tiring, feeling like you are on a tightrope between living month to month and being responsible with your extra cash.

Work. Lots of stuff going on at work. Some people making some decisions without thinking about the consequences, and the political battles that are ensuing. I'm on the front lines of that particular battle, and my boss has assigned me a half dozen extra tasks he wants me to take care of, all of them going in different directions, at the same time.

Young Adults. The leadership team is going through some interesting shifts in philosophy, and it's taking a lot of effort on all of our parts to make sure we are successful. I am also playing drumset weekly for the service, which is a ton of fun, but of course one more stick on the camel's back.

Alone time. I've had a hard time lately finding some time to just play my video games. I did manage to get an hour and a half in last night, which was really great and nice of my wife. I know it sounds particularly selfish, but it's hard for both of us. Judah has to be watched constantly, and it's either me or her, and when he goes down, it's usually our only time together, which means there's no real options for me to play my video games. I know I have some other recreational things I've been doing lately, I went to the track, have gone to a gun show, and go to the range a few times, so I know I don't have much ground to stand on, but I guess it's just something I'm feeling (and feelings aren't always rational).

Fasting. I'm fasting all pop and meat for three weeks. The first week is almost done. And boy, is this hard, and eye opening. I think it's important to constantly experience the world through different glasses, and being a vegetarian for a few weeks is pretty darn eye opening. Plus... pop... mmm. I love Dr. pepper. It's my favorite. And I walk by the fridges full of it every hour or so here at work. I've got a few things I've been focusing on praying about when I'm fasting, and I'm really hoping that I see some breakthroughs in our young adults group, my nervousness around finances, etc.

So I guess I just blogged about each of the areas I could have blogged about. There's of course probably a gazillion more things on my mind I could have blogged about, too... sigh, why is my blog always so boring?

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Rosemary Ochs said...

Blog about one thing at a time. Every entry doesn't have to be super long and thought provoking. Take it easy on yourself.

I love you.