Monday, January 12, 2009

So, when I was younger- starting right around 10 or so, I just fell in love with music. I know it happens to most everyone, and the way I started in on the new found love was by first listening to all of the music my mom had. This included lots of Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, some old Petra album called "This Means War" in tape format, and a bunch of other less popular christian bands. After a few years, when I was 12, I built myself my first computer, and immediately started in on the journey of creating my own music collection. I discovered great things like rock music and techno. These were truly momentous things! Trance Control forever changed my life, buzzing out of my maxed out 3 dollar speakers that I barely could afford after years of saving for my computer build. I started saving up for a speaker set that could do my growing collection justice, and picked up a 2.1 set of Altec Lansings that were the best of the class for that time- that I think my cousin still has and uses. Don't even get me started on Creed!

As I grew up, and I started falling in love with other things in my life, such as the idea of love, which was opened up to me by the idea of salvation and someone loving me so much they died for me, I started hearing the passion that comes forth from love songs. Things like Jewel, Blessed Union of Souls, and various artists that did a few love songs like Bush and Dido. The idea of being so sold out for someone else really captured me, because I grew up wanting to please others and make people happy.

And the story continues, the great journey of music through life that everyone takes. Some people it plays a minor role, some people it's a very large part of who they are. Part of that journey contains mix CDs- works of art that people put together to illustrate emotions or states of mind.

Well, I stumbled upon a CD case full of some of my old mix CDs, and just started popping them into my CD player this last week. There was the L-mix, (which stood for love, but was written to avoid embarrassment by my 'macho' friends), and of course the famed "Mix 1" "Mix 2" "mix 3" and "mix 4." And when I'd be ready to create a new set of mixes, I'd just write "old" on the old mix tapes. So I stumbled across mix 1-4 Old, and Mix 1-6, and the L-mix, of course.

It's so interesting when you listen to something like that, from a bygone era of your life. I put those mixes together with specific feelings and thoughts in mind, creating a flowing story for each CD. Listening to them brings me back to those feelings and times in my life. Times when emotional responses were easier to get out of me, times when I was so introspective and cognitive that I would try and glean a greater meaning or purpose out of everything. When the lyrics of a specific song would evoke life changing convictions.

As a sample of this, here is where I am at in my current music life: David Crowder, some Nickelback, Family Force 5, various trance music (similar to Infected Mushroom), United, Kutless, and various other mainstream bands such as Daughtry and Maroon 5.


Rosemary Ochs said...

I wish I could listen to your music with you while you sit in traffic for hours everyday. Sounds great.

You'll have to show me your "L-mix"

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to all my mixes?! did i ever give you mixes?


Ricky said...

I think I still have a few of yours. Let me think off the top of my head- The Fall Mix, the Winter mix, 1 year and counting, and a couple others I think.

You should really write what year if you stick to seasons. because it changes!