Monday, January 19, 2009

So, there's "rumors of layoffs" at microsoft the past couple of weeks.

How do I feel about that? Well, yet again, I am frustrated at modern media. A single blogger, mini microsoft, (an anonymous microsoft employee that has ideas on how microsoft can become a better company) just kind of mentioned the idea without any proof or hard facts, just a lot of "so and so said" kind of stuff. Then, another blog picked it up, and another, so on and so on, until CNN is displaying on ther NATIONAL NEWS CHANNEL that Microsoft is going to do layoffs.

Bahahah. So, they might be true. Mini Microsoft is a good information source, but even the blogger admits that the info is pretty he said she said kind of stuff. The rumor originally said that the layoffs would be announced on the 15th, and that it would be around 14 percent or so, and mostly just trimming "the fat" or people who get the lower 10% rating on their yearly reviews.

I'm not really that personally concerned. I work on a few very very large projects within microsoft that are considered "big bets" and I've got quite a bit of domain knowledge of build engineering that our group really needs.

So that's how I feel about "layoffs." I guess I wouldn't mind if our company trimmed up a bit, either, because I feel like our hiring standards have kind of slipped. Some of the people I've worked with kind of make me scratch my head sometimes.

So in other news, we just got a letter from our new homeowners management company. The board of directors for our association decided to levy a 250 thousand dollar assessment to raise extra cash. So we haveto pay around 2 grand by may 15th, and we were just notified. This makes me angry. It seems to me any sort of assessment needs a vote from the association body, instead of arbitrarily decided by the board of directors, which are just a few people in the association. And what really frustrates me is that it's just for extra cash. We raise our rates every year, by about 4 or 5 percent, to adjust for cost increases and extra expenses- for this exact purpose. And we have special assessments on top of this...? I understand the previous assessments I've seen- new siding for a third of all the buildings. But that included over a year of advance notice, breaking out the payments in sections, and a clear goal in mind. But just 250k for extra cash? I looked at our current balance sheet and we've got 100k extra cash right now, and we have another 100k that will be saved by the end of this year. So we will have near a half million in extra cash in the bank now... for extra cash?

Grr! I'm still trying to get up the willpower and anger to go dig out my homeowners agreement documents and find out whether they need to do an association vote on this. We haveto vote to approve the yearly increase in dues, so it seems we need to do that for an assessment as well.

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