Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I KNEW this would happen...

So, at work, I've been transitioning off of my work and team, and training up a vendor to own and take leadership of all build engineering for this team. My boss has wanted me to move into automating and testing (basically fitting into the basic microsoft idea: only two types of people exist, devs and testers). Which I don't personally believe in, because build engineering needs to exist in IT development. Anyways, the transition is pretty much complete, and the vendor has been shadowing me for a few months and knows the ropes, and is taking charge. So when I came back to work after my winter vacation, I started working on the automation/testing framework my boss wants everyone to move into.

This morning, he calls me into the private meeting room to talk to me, and tells me about another group that has been having some pretty serious troubles with engineering, and how he wants to take it over and overhaul how it works and how we do their engineering. And, he wants me to take charge and work on that. My ENTIRE career has been basically this:

1. Get thrown on a problem application, to clean up their engineering processes, do a couple of releases and get the delivery and execution results up, make the customers happy.

2. Boss calls me in, tells me about a problem application.

3. Repeat.

Which is fine with me. I love engineering. I love fixing problems... last week, my xbox broke and I just sat there and fixed it for four hours. It was fun. Unfortunatetly the fix didn't last too long, and I tried to fix it again (and didn't have the tool) but I still had a blast fixing it. To me, fixing things and engineering is WAYY more fun than your standard develop and test framework that a lot of this company operates on. I hate writing code, it's boring, and I hate testing code, because it's mind numbing. I'd like to think that I'm a fairly seasoned build engineer, and I'd like to think that I'm fairly good at it- which is why I keep getting thrown on problem applications that need serious engineering help. And thats what I want to do. I'm sure that once I'm done fixing up this application and how it's engineered, the issue will come back up and my boss will want me to move over to traditional dev/test. It's really frustrating to have a build engineering manager that doesn't believe in build engineering... he believes build engineering is obsolete and a job that shouldn't exist. I'll continue to do a good job and prove him wrong, proving that no amount of automation can replace a smart guy with an engineering backround- we will always be better than a script.



Rosemary Ochs said...

I think it's funny how people call you up just to ask you to fix their problems. That's been happening since I met you, and it's no different in the workplace.

Ricky said...

except in the workplace, I get paid to do it. :)

Kat said...

That's what happens when you're good at what you do!