Monday, January 12, 2009

forgot to add- part of this recent discovery led me to start a 2 week free trial of the Zunepass.

What's that? Well, it's the competitor to iTunes and the iPod. It's a music application, like iTunes, where you can listen to all of your favorite music. With the Zunepass you pay fifteen bucks a month and get unlimited music and everything you want to listen to. They've acquired the rights to pretty much every song I've come across, and you can download and listen to it, create playlists of it, and so on. So you basically get access to all the music in the world for fifteen bucks a month. I think that, if you are a big music fan, it's a much better deal than iTunes, where you pay 70-100 cents per song- which can add up real quick. Buy an album or so and you're up at 15 bucks, the same cost as a zunepass which gives you millions of albums, not just one.

And to help them compete with iTunes, zunepass gives you ten free songs per month (to download and keep, even after you shut down your zunepass) on top of the unlimited access. I think it's a much better deal, and I'm not real sure why it hasn't been doing better against the apple offering. oh and, the Zune is a pretty cool device.

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