Thursday, December 11, 2008

So, hello Christmas time. I welcome you. Life has been pretty good lately, with a good mix of serving at church, having some fun date nights with my wife, and playing with my son. Work has been a little strange lately, with my current boss, who thinks my job is obsolete and wants to remove me from it and put me on other stuff. He doesn't really see any value in build engineering, which sucks because thats what I love and am particularly good at. But I'll move on to working on some other things for a bit and once I get my next boss I'm sure that they will see a need for smart build engineers and I'll probably fit back into an engineering role, so I'm not that concerned.

We haven't really decorated for christmas much this year, which surprises me. Rosemary has a love affair with christmas every year, and the past few years it includes coercing me into buying and setting up a tree and helping her set up lights and stuff. That's been surprisingly absent, and with Rosemary at home most all days, I'm curious why the christmas bug hasn't bitten her harder. I know she's been able to let some of it out by doing quite a bit of shopping lately which is great, but the festivity usually lies in decorating, old boring movies, and the music, which we haven't done much of.

We did do our annual ochs candy house, and it turned out about like I expected, except one small difference- usually Mandy and James go head to head because they have different ideas on how the house should look, and just trample on eachother. But this year, after a couple drinks of Baily's, my wife decided to take on James and scraped off half of his roofwork. She got really fiesty and smeared the old roof all over the front yard and tried to replace the roofing with a big custom made wreath, which ended up looking like dribbly poop on a roof, to the heckling of everyone around the table, and then fended off the attacks and recreated what was a pretty good looking wreath decoration and roof after identifying the right tools for the job.

I've never seen my wife go heads up with any of my family... I mean, I do it pretty consistantly, and so does mom, dad, and mandy, but this was a first for Rosemary. And I guess she's learned from the best, because she pretty much won, hands down. Dad even said it was cute (even though he was the one that got crushed in defeat).

I'm not sure if it's an overall positive or negative experience for me. It's just so new, I've never seen that happen before. Half of me felt uneasy and nervous because my wife was trashing my family, and half of me felt really good, because my family needs to be beaten back like a pack of rabid wolves at times (me included). The most interesting part is probably the transformation of Rosemary after two drinks of Bailys, which makes me wonder if I should either hide the stuff forever, or experiment with her and see what happens in other scenarios, too.

The holidays look to be about average for me- make a list of things I want, and get absolutely nothing on that list. At least it makes me refocus on what is important, about my salvation, and the family I now have. :)



Kat said...

I thought Rosemary's emboldened house takeover was great! Bring it on!

Rosemary Ochs said...

I like your new blog layout, a lot.

And I did what I did because you were all too lazy to go out and get more materials, so I had to improvize.

Also, about the Christmas decor, why don't you try to set up a Christmas tree while trying to entertain a 4 1/2 month old!