Monday, November 24, 2008

For those of you that don't know, there was a shooting down the street from my house, at Southcenter Mall on saturday night.

This evokes quite a bit of interesting thought in me. Especially with an Obama presidency, where the ability to protect yourself in public places will be revoked, as he has promised (ban of all concealed carrying nationwide).

I've kind of been thinking about preparedness lately. My belief system tells me that man is a flawed creature, that our nature is to sin and cause destruction. Some of the greatest minds alive today have questioned how we will indeed survive the next 100 years. Even non-Christians believe in this. Part of my recreational reading has showed me some interesting ideas that the founding fathers had about Democracy- how it is flawed, and it was only designed to work if righteous men held the positions on our congress. Well I think we've fallen far below that now, and the decline is only accelerating. Leaders who call for no accountability for their actions, and congressmen who are so good at hiding their fraudulent "gifts" from "friends" and anti-american agendas.

Well I think it's time for me and my family to start preparing a disaster kit. Our culture relies so heavily on this government provided infrastructure system set up, the vast majority of Americans would be out of food and necessities like heat, energy, clean water, and so on within a week... meaning, we would need the rescue of our government, or God forbid a different government. I bet half of the citizens wouldn't even know what to do with all the free time they would have if the entire US power grid shut down. Jeeze, no jay leno... what the heck do I do now? haha...

I would like to be able to be a safe haven for my friends and family if need be. I'd like to be prepared not just with food and water, but prepared to defend my rights- the last time a large portion of our country's infrastructure went down, cops went door to door unlawfully taking people's guns away from them... while there were armed looters on the loose. Great...

Things have changed greatly since I had a kid. I'd do anything to ensure his future is healthy and safe.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So, I got this e-mail today from Forbes. 3 years ago, there was a Forbes time capsule project, where you could send yourself something in a certain amount of time. Well I wrote myself a letter, set to expire at 3 years for me to read, where it would e-mail the letter to me. So I got this letter today. And boy was it amazing.

Here is what I wrote myself:

"Dear Ricky,

I hope you are doing well. I kind of hope you are married, or on the way- because that would make me excited. :) Right now, I'm sitting in office 2217, building 109, Microsoft West campus. I make dollars an hour, and I am completely in love with God. I'm listening to the CD Hillsong United- Look to You.

I hope you don't stray from your path. I hope you don't stop writing down your dreams, passions, and goals. You have the potential to be a powerful individual- don't let that fire go.

Mandy and Daniel just started dating last week. I've been playing a little bit of battlefield 2 lately. I shared the scripture proverbs 4:20-27 at youth last wednesday. Make your path straight... Let God guide your destiny and purpose. He always has, and he will always be there. I hope I am still preaching to the choir with this one :) Without Him, there is just a God shaped hole in this heart of mine.

I'm 20 years old. I've been working at microsoft for over a year now... I am working on Account Planning 3.1, and SEF 3.7. I think I am doing great, and Minh thinks I am doing a good job too (and Minh is hard to impress).

Love you bro, see you in 3."

After reading this, Rosemary pointed out my blog from the same period (jeeze it was much more interesting back then, haha). And wow THAT was fun to read. I even have a blog post talking about the Forbes time capsule, hahaha! :) And then all of the craziness that ensued for the 2 months directly after the forbes capsule recording. Basically falling in love and deciding to get married in about an elapsed 2 week period, and then trying to keep it under wraps for the next three months and failing, because I just didn't care who knew because they couldn't stop us. Only delay us for a little while, hehe.

Then I saw the one blog post the day after we really truly fell in love with eachother. What a tear jerker!!! (dec 24th from this archive: )