Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Seahawks. Yes, I'm writing about the seahawks.

Couple of new key developments: We've signed Justin Forsett back to the team, and he's supposedly going to be returning kicks. I like this, because I really like forsett- he seemed really eager to show Seattle fans what he can do. It also takes some pressure off of our ailing recievers... heh.
next development: We moved Bumpus back to the practice squad. Kind of a so-so move for me, Bumpus did OK, not great, but lost some easy plays here and there. At least they got rid of Taylor, he was awful.

So, the hawks are 1-4... What's up with that?! Their season is pretty much done, unless our team starts playing like the pro's that they are. If we had a couple of games where we could play at the level we were at last year or the year before, we'd have a shot at this. It just seems like our "all pro" team has forgotten how to be pro. I'd like to see some good football this year, but I'd probably haveto change the channel to get it.

On a positive note, I took Rosemary to the Green Bay game, because she'd never been to a hawk's game before. We sprung for club seats and had some good fun, I partially lost my voice, and we had fun seeing the hits in person (man, Football is much more violent in person). Watching the Green Bay quarterback get hit by a 250 pound guy running at full speed is crazy. :)

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Rosemary Ochs said...

That game was a lot of fun. Thanks for taking me, and you'll have to take me again... maybe when the Seahawks are worth something.
Love you.