Wednesday, October 08, 2008


This entire political process is crazy. I take conservative positions on most everything, and I realize our country is starting to lean a little more to the left, but the stuff I see is mind boggling, with the media very obviously being biased (just think about the recent debates- did gun control ever come up? What about abortion? does anyone even know that Obama supports live birth abortions and taking away our gun rights?)

I'm glad that theres only 30 something days left over. If the CNN/NBC crowd is to be believed, apparently Obama has already won, and he's the best candidate anyway (they keep saying he is better on the economy for some reason... not sure why). But if you look at the independent polls like zogby, etc, he's up by an average of 1-2 percent, well within the margin of error, something most legitimate news sources should be calling a tie right now. Same with the debate- for some reason people really think Obama knocked it out of the park. This REALLY confuses me - I watched the whole debate, and McCain continuously brought up plans and showed great understanding of how things work and ideas to fix things, and he answered most all of the questions, while Obama kept running over his time, interrupting the moderator, trying to rush to his own defense, and failed to answer about half of the questions. I just don't get it... is our country so biased that they don't even see through his rhetoric? I mean, he said a lot of stuff, but had very little substance overall. It seemed pretty clear to me. He is a great public speaker, and it appears he is such a good public speaker that he can make it appear that he is winning a debate when he is clearly not.

I just added a ton of new (read: old) friends from facebook today, and wow is it nostalgic to see some people I haven't thought about or heard from in a very long time. Some people I had crushes on, some people I had intense dislike for, some people I had lots of fun with. I wonder if those people miss the relationships the same way I do? Not that I'd ever want to go back to high school, but the excitement of that time in my life sure was fun. When was the last time I had a lan party?! Life changes, I suppose. :) For the better, if you've seen the latest rediculously cute Judah pictures.



Jokes1941 said...

Who is Rick James ? is that you under ghost writing ? anyway it was interesting read , I appreciate your maturity rising to the surface and you are a good writer .If I may , I would like to caution you not to becaome embittered about the whole scenerio , some things have to be fullfilled according to prophecy in these last days . I am not political as to be a defender of worldly views however I do tend to conservative and am much interested in the events as they are unfolding ,I pray for God's will and vote whom I beleive to best for America.

Ricky said...

it's more of a joke based off of a character on a TV show, and the nickname stuck to me at work so I used it here.
I realize I don't have control over the situation and that's where I just need to trust that God is in control here :)

Rosemary Ochs said...

Remember how I used to say that I would move to Mexico if Hilary won the election? Well, I think I was wrong. We are definetly facing a possible relocation if what the media says is true, and Obama is winning.

Or, we could just move to China. It would be the same government, but we wouldn't have to worry about liberals!