Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas Gifts...

Every year, people start asking me what I want for christmas around this time, and here is what I say (every year):

Get me a .

This is boring for people who like to buy things, because in some cases, they don't even know what the piece or part does, or they don't have any interest in the hobby, and therefore have no interest in furthering the hobby for me (I thought gifts were about the person getting the gift? hehe)

But the problem is, the only thing I'm really interested in at that time in my life is my current hobby/obsession. I mean, I guess I could fill my "wish list" with a bunch of $10 items that I'd probably never use just so people could get me things that they would feel good about getting me, but I'd have trouble putting those things down on said list, since I just don't want them or have a need for them.

And I don't want "useful" presents... whoever want's a mop or some sheets for christmas is missing it, in my opinion. I want something completely un-usable in real life scenarios, because this proves to usually be the most fun for hobbies or having fun. Because, as most people know, having fun is diametrically opposed to getting something done. (Dishes, anyone?)

There are very few things under $50 that if I want, I don't just go out and buy. This time, there are a few things- some mags for my most recent firearm purchases. But, this still falls into the first catagory above- no one really cares about me furthering my target shooting hobby. So alas I'll probably get by with used garage appliances people had on hand, and the occasional creative gift (usually from my wife or mom) that can be fun and useful at the same time (for some reason, women are good at mixing these two even though it is impossible- see above.)

Well, I guess we'll see how it goes- but, for the last few christmases, I just haven't held out any hope for anything that I haven't bought myself (or for myself on my wife's behalf). I guess it's just that much better when I do get those creative gifts. :)


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