Sunday, July 27, 2008


I have a son now.

That's pretty cool. in, you know, a cool sort of way.

It's pretty awesome to see this production of God, and how he has a lot of my features :) Makes me proud, in a sort of fatherly way. Now I'm truly a father, not just a guy who knocked up a girl, y'know? Even if it was my wife... as appropriate. :)

So, here's some pictures.

He looks a lot better now, too, after six days. he was born on monday july 21st, at 6:41 pm. Man, what a crazy few minutes. I bawled my eyes out, and I had no control over it. When I saw my beautiful wife screaming with agony, pure pain etched on her face, I couldn't help but lose control and cry. And then again when he slid right out (after his head came out) and again, as he cried for the first time. Strange, I've never not been in control before. But what an amazing moment...
since then, the nights have been full of crying and days full of cooing and funny faces. We're starting to get the hang of feeding him and putting him to sleep now, and he is learning that he doesn't need mommy or daddy to fall asleep (boy that was a tough few nights...) he actually cried himself hoarse one night. It was soooo hard to let him cry himself to sleep, as a new father. But his daiper was dry, he was well fed, and everything was fine. Poor guy, it must be tough to be alone when you don't know anything. But he's doing GREAT now, and he hasn't cried a single bit in the last 36 hours or so. It's amazing how good of a child he is, despite what I said above. He's quiet, cute, and very un-complainy.
I've got a month off of work for paternity leave, so we'll see if I get around to updating this thing more often. :)
new father