Tuesday, June 03, 2008

So, we did so well in the last tournament (our first) that we decided to sign up for another one. There was this little 3 man tournament planned for this weekend up at CDR Park, past everett a ways. It interested us because it was slightly cheaper and the winners get Proto SLGs (paintball guns). Only 6 teams are signed up including us, and the top 3 teams get prizes.

And three of the other teams are teams we've played at the survivor series- one, we played vs and tied, and they went on to get 4th, and the other two did terrible and were destroyed. And the other two teams signed up look like newbie teams, never played in a tourney before.

So, we have a *really* good shot at winning. We feel like we are better than the team we tied out vs last tourney, but we made a mistake to lose it. If we correct our mistakes, I think we're better than them.

Luke can't really afford this tournament unfortunately, but I think Xylem and I will cover him and if we win, we'll just take his winnings. :) If we win the Proto SLGs, I'll just take his probably, since I paid for his last 3 outings and the last tournament and this one. That about covers it, and then I'll just sell the SLGs online and see if I can take that cash and my backup gun, and get a newer nicer pball gun without spending anything. that'd be sweet :)

I'm not sure if there will be pictures of this event like the last one. If there are, I will post them. I'm not as excited about this one, because there are less teams- but I feel thats why we did so well, because we were really amped up. So I need to get amped up! But I'm so busy this week, it'll be hard to spend some time working on my gear and whiteboarding out some strategies.

One of the things I'm doing this week is recording two djembe tracks for Justin Hebert, and a city church special CD. That should be really cool. That, and I've got a monthly thursday night worldwide all hands meeting for work, and band practice for young adults. Busy week... but I'm taking friday and working from home, so hopefully that will give me enough time to clean my gear and amp myself up.

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