Thursday, May 29, 2008

more pics and three videos of us playing (more videos coming tonight):

(we were the team that won, the guy holding the camera had the names wrong, we won 10-0)

(semi finals game) lost 0-10, great footage of Xylem getting bunkered.

forestfire2 vs savage (won 8-0 I think)

semi finals game

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So, Luke and I competed in a Beginner paintball tournament. We picked up a 3rd player to fill out our ranks, his name was Xylem, and we picked him up from the online paintball forums.

22 teams signed up.

We won our first 5 games in a row, lost three, and won two more, for a 7-3 preliminary score. We moved on to semi-finals, got one win, one loss, and one tie, and did not move on to finals. We scored 7th overall I believe, out of the 22 teams. Overall, 13 games, 8 wins, one tie, 4 losses. We beat out some of the top 4 teams, but we fell one game shy of making finals. Overall, I think we did awesome for our very first tournament. We did so well, we want to try and enter the next one. Most of the talent on our team was definitely the guy we picked up, Xylem- he was an AMAZING front player, and we won three of our games within twenty seconds, with him doing a run through and luke following up for the final kill. I kept everyone's heads down fairly well as a back player, allowing them to hit some pretty aggresive spots on the field and make some crucial hits, but it also cost us a game or two. There were a couple games where Luke and I had to close it out as well, but overall, he took out their best player so many times it really made the rest of the games super easy. Luke is picking up on those skills a bit, and I think if we correct a couple of mistakes we made, we can easily place in the top 4 next tournament. I also made a couple of mistakes and played sloppy a couple of games, which cost us some points as well.

But I must say, tournament paintball is wayyy more fun and less painful than regular recreational play. The paintballs are much nicer, and therefore explode a lot better- dissipating that inertial energy a lot better, so the hits don't even really hurt that much. That cheap crappy rec paint hurts a lot more. heh. I got hit from 400 feet away with a cheap paintball two weeks ago, and I've got a welt the size of a baseball, and right next to it is a hit from 50 feet away from three days ago, and it's almost healed.

The tournament made my weekend. We had a BLAST, we did really well, and I'm super jazzed about it, and I can't wait to see what we can do next time! :)