Tuesday, April 08, 2008

So, I played set, with a group, in front of a group of people, for the first time in many, many years. I sold my drumset almost two years ago now, and I haven't practiced/played for a couple years before that.

it was pretty cool, actually. I didn't do an amazing job or anything, not that I expected to, but I actually held an alright rythm setup for all the songs. Only a couple of laugh out loud mistakes :) It reminds me of when I used to play for the youth group all those years ago... except I used to play every single day back then. Much easier to have control over the rythm and tempo of a group when you're well practiced. I've been playing Djembe for the last 2-3 years, for sunday morning and young adults, a couple times a week, and I've gotten so comfortable on it I really feel like I control the rythm and the group's dynamics a lot more. But on set, I feel like I'm just giving them a steady beat to play to. hehe. That'll change with practice of course.


Friday, April 04, 2008

My boss is putting me up for a promotion here soon. It has to be approved by a long list of people, and I will probably get a little bit of pushback from the problematic teams I work with for some pretty BS reasons (my boss's words) but my boss and boss's boss will fight for me. It's not a sure thing, but there has been a pretty large complaint against our team that we're a very junior group of guys, so I think it's good that we're raising up people from within. This will also make me the only Build Engineer II on my immediate team... further cementing the fact that I've got seniority. :) hehe.

It's good, and it's at the right time. Promos are handed out once every 3 months, so you haveto get in line and apply once your management decides on a timeline for promo. If it gets denied or delayed, your management will haveto re-apply at a later quarter. This quarter ends end of June, so that's when any promo goes into "effect" and the new monetary rate changes, with the first paycheck reflecting that on july 15th... or, two weeks before my baby's due date. So, the timing is quite nice here, because just when I'll need more cash to pay for diapers and a stay at home (beautiful) mom, I'll have it. Not sure how much, probably not a whole lot more, (budgets are small at this time of year...) but every bit helps. As well as the formal microsoft review period with the regular annual raise/stock award happening in september, which will also be very helpful for supporting a three person one income family. So, I'm doing alright career wise. There are always concerns and ways to improve, of course, but I feel like I could be sitting at a comfortable level 64 or 65 some day, if God leaves me in that place long enough. In addition, this is the first year my annual stock award will actually be worth anything... because every year, you get a new "stock award" but you don't get any of it. You get your stock award 1/5th at a time, for the next five years, starting one year after you get it "awarded" to you. So, I've got two that accumulated over the past two years, which were both fairly insignifigant, but combined it's a nice little extra diaper fund. Combined over 5 years with growing rates, it looks to be a great prospect/extra bonus that will help save for necessary things in our lives. God takes care of us, for sure... it'll be a little hard once Rosie is staying at home, but we'll make do. God is our provider- Jehovah Jireh.

That is all.