Friday, March 28, 2008

so I applied for a CPL on wednesday morning. With the high probability of a democrat being president this election, it's a little worrisome that a lot of our rights will probably be "re-interpreted" for possibly the next 8 years. Theres TONS of data to show that the higher concentration of people that carry guns, the less violence. The places where there are gun bans, have tons of un-opposed gun violence. Because gun laws only stop law abiding citizens from owning guns. Do you think a theif stops and thinks, "oh no, it's illegal to have a gun, I better not get one?" heck no. When they see a "gun free zone" sticker, do they say, oh no, let me put my gun down and go in with a knife? Heck no. They say, hey, awesome- no one to stop me. I saw those stickers all my childhood on all the doors of my high school and other schools. How safe are they, really? heh. In Israel, after a school shooting in the 70s, the then prime minister mandated that a few teachers or faculty members concealed carry weapons to stop such incidents. since then, they have foiled almost a dozen school shootings, saving countless lives.

Or maybe the story about the YWAM facility. A gunman goes in with over 300 rounds of ammo in his backpack and starts taking people out. Someone that happened to be on the scene with a concealed carry permit took him out, before he even got through 50 of his rounds. How many lives did that save?

So I might not ever concealed carry, but I want that right. I want the right to put two into a guy if he tries to kill people. I want to put two into a guy if he tries to take my wife. God knows my wife is attractive enough, she's already been approached by sleezebags countless times.

Most of this thought process changed for me after Rosie got pregnant, to be honest. Before Judah came along, I didn't really care if I died- I'm goin to heaven anyway, right? But now, with a kid's future on the line, with my wife's well being... I wouldn't hesitate to end someone else instead of one of mine.

What's funny is, a LOT of my friends are going through the exact same thought process. About six or seven people I know are doing the same thing- getting their CPL, going practicing, and whatnot. Everyone is scared about losing the right to protect yourself. Everyone is getting very interested in having that option open should the need ever arise. Get this- Democrats in new orleans went around door to door and took everyones weapons. Took away their SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT. What the heck?! Now you just created hundreds of defenseless households, while thousands of people are going around with rifles stealing, killing, pillaging, and raping. Great, yeah, you really helped things out. :/ You think, this day and age, where our society is becoming even more violent than in the past 30 years, we're going to let go of the right to bear arms? The very right to oppose our government if the need ever arises? The right to protect our families?

Heck no. Over my dead body.

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