Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yesterday, Jan 24th, was the last and final day of the crusade. They gave us the morning off to recoup ourselves, as we'd been running fairly strong, and they didn't have anything lined up for us. We all slept in quite a while, and there was no plans until the crusade in the evening at 8pm. We went and had a pajamba altered for Rosemary, so she could wear it to the last crusade, and after that, Harvey and us went to a hospital we spotted across the street. We all decided that while we're in India, we're going to be serving, instead of just walking around doing nothing. We also brought along a young indian guy that helped us interpret, Salumon. We got there, and had some difficulty explaining why we wanted to visit complete strangers in a hospital. After the receptionist understood what we were trying to say, she brought us into a doctor's office to get permission. I saw a little calendar with qoutes about "serving one God is greater than all the rest" or some such, and knew we would be given permission- and we were. The receptionist walked us up to the only populated ward, and we asked if anyone wanted prayer. The first guy had a bunch of family there, and they didn't want prayer because they were hindu and didn't want to be cursed (which is strange- the vast majority of hindus will still take prayer to Jesus around here). We went on and prayed for three guys in a row with kidney stones/kidney disease, and two of the three had the pain completely leave their body. The head nurse (a guy) came in, to say hi, and we talked to him, and found out he is a pentacostal, with pretty good english. He helped us interpret some more, and it was awesome to see another believer- and then the receptionist admitted she was a catholic. It was awesome. We prayed blessing over their lives for being such faithful servants of the sick. On the way back out, we were stopped by a group of about 8 people that wanted prayer, and again God healed an aging security guard (of the hospital) of all back pain. We made something of an otherwise lame afternoon. :)

So, at the last crusade. We pull up, and notice how packed out the crowd is compared to previous nights. Later, we found out that there were around 110,000 people there. As Todd was preaching, people were being miraculously healed in the crowd- there was a young girl, maybe in her teens, that was crippled and blind, completely healed. She was walking back and forth across the stage, and learning how to ununciate. A tumor melted off. Another blind saw. He kept going through praise reports, and it was making the very large crowd very hungry for God, and one of the fences started swaying under the pressure. The security guards could not keep the people away, so both staircases up to the platform were mobbed. All the guys went below before this, and were waiting at the fences with interpreters to start praying. While we were waiting, people were crying out for a touch from us- just a touch. It was a humbling experience, to know that God had anointed us so heavily, and their faith was so great, that there was no way they could not be healed. We finally got started with prayer at around 11:30 or so, and the fences swayed under the pressure as I reached my hands over and started praying. There were so many thousands, that I did not have time to check for healing after every prayer. The only super obvious instantaneous healings were the ones I can write as testimonies, even though I know that the vast majority were healed, by the spirit. One of the old deaf guys I prayed for- I pulled my hands away, and this look of pure bliss came over his face, and I shouted to God and kept praying for people. By that time, Rosie had fought her way through the crowd and made it to the fence, (lots of people had gotten past and were tugging on our clothes to turn around and pray, too) and started helping ease the crowd a bit- most of the women wouldn't come down off the platform. She was praying for a little boy that was deaf, and she plugged his ears with her fingers, and prayed "I cast out the deaf and dumb spirit---" and the boy looked up with shock of a new experience, and Rosie ended her prayer and moved on. She says, the look on the boy's face was priceless.

We had to leave before we could finish- a lot of people were still there begging for prayer. As they told us we had to leave immediately, as I was walking out, I was surrounded by people and stopped several times. I would pray and bless, quickly, as many as I could- partly because their faith shook me, partly because I needed them to move away. :)

Today, we went to a very, very poor village, where the houses are made of leaves and twigs. We brought fifteen thousand dollars worth of rice, and handed one bag out to each family, which would feed them for a month. It was great to focus on what Jesus preached- taking care of the poor. It's not all about the miracles and the wonders- it's about loving these people with food, as well. We're about to have our final meeting, and recap. Tomorrow morning, we get on the bus back to hyderabad, where we have a few hours before we hop on a plane, for the travel home (which only takes a few hours by a watch, but is actually over 35 hours... ugh)

We love you guys. We can't wait to come home, we are excited to see you all and share with you our experiences. We just want a red robin cheeseburger, a milkshake, and to smell some air that doesnt smell like poo baking on a sidewalk or a pile of trash fermenting over months. And maybe a soft bed and Bailey. The smell is starting to wear us down...

Thank you for your prayers and support. We love you all very much.

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