Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We had quite an eventful day today. First thing in the morning, during prayer, we finally got to see Todd and hear him talk about where he's been and his vision for this trip; the crusades in particular. He was able to lay hands on everyone and do an impartation for the gifts of faith and healing, which Ricky and I were very excited about that. I was slain in the spirit for the first time as well. It was the best way to start the day.

After breakfast, it was back to the women's conference again for the morning service. We jumped and danced a lot with the kids, and now our legs are really sore. I got some good pictures of Ricky and Harvey both with the kids, jumping around like fools. They had a blast.
For an afternoon outreach, we went to a prison, which is not nearly as bad as it sounds. I was expecting smelly concrete rooms that were dark and dingy, but we got just the opposite. First, after letting in an entire group of foreigners in without searching anyone, we were led out to a well maintained courtyard where all the inmates were sitting quietly. They were all well behaved and very respectful of us. We had a short service and led pretty much everyone to Christ. I am guestimating that there were over 300 men there in the courtyard that prayed the prayer, and then three deaf ears were opened as well. One man who was completely deaf, and a second who was deaf in just one ear. They wanted to continue a healing service, but we had to leave and the guards escorted us out.

Todd preached at the evening service of the women's conference and did quite a few miracles on stage. A few people with broken bones or hip pain, and then one woman who was partially blind got her sight back. I have pictures of that. One woman who came up had been having trouble walking because of an accident she was in 3 years ago. She was healed, and left the stage smiling and praising God. The first woman was was healed, Todd picked out of the crowd before the sermon even started, and he told her that she had a heart problem. It was an irregular heartbeat. Immediately the woman started crying, and Todd began to cast the sickness out of her, and she began to shake, and then convulse, and then scream, and then she just passed out, but was completely healed afterwards. There were alot of other healings as well, but we'll just have to tell you about them.

Anyway, as of tomorrow, right now we have nothing planned. We are going to try to sleep in, and hopefully see some more of the town. Oh, and today we bought two little Indian girl outfits for our baby. They are so cute!

Thank you all for your prayers. We love you!

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