Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OW. We just got done with the third crusade(please share this e-mail with everyone you can). God moved through Rosemary and I more than I have ever seen in my life. It was the greatest single evening of miracles I have ever seen. We didn't even watch the stage or what Todd was doing, we were so busy praying for people. I must have prayed for over 400 guys. Here are some of the things that happened(all conversation was through an interpreter):

A deaf man, totally, in both ears- I prayed for him, and we tested his hearing from behind him, and he got this confused look on his face- and I asked if he could hear, and he said yes. I raised up his hands and told him to shout "Jesu Cristo" which is Jesus Christ in their own language. Since he used to be deaf, he couldn't really ununciate it very well, but he immediately started walking away, completely healed, with a crazy smile on his face.

Another deaf man, in both ears. I prayed for him, and tested his hearing- he said he could hear, just a little bit. I prayed again, and he said he could hear fully.Another deaf man, in one ear. I prayed for him, and his ear popped open.

A man with so much pain in his shoulders, he could not raise them. I prayed for him, and asked if he felt anything- and he said the pain lessened. I asked him to raise his hands, and he said no- it will hurt too much. I told him to raise his hands in faith, and his hands immediately shot up over his head, and he started bobbling his head crazily (the indian way of nodding/saying yes) and he said there was no pain, he was completely healed.

Lots and lots and lots of people came up for "body pain" and most were completely healed
A man with a tumor under his right breast. I prayed for it, and asked him how he felt. He felt his tumor, and told me it was getting smaller. The spirit told me, that it would be gone by morning, so I told him that, and he believed it and walked off.

Another deaf man, when prayed for, could start hearing, but just a little. The spirit also told me that his hearing would slowly come back and it would be healed by morning. I told him that, and he walked off.

A man with thick glasses, he could not see far distances. I prayed for him, and asked him to test his sight. He looked up at the stage, and focused, and he saw the todd bentley sign clearly, and bobbled his head and shook my hand and walked off.

A man that said he was paralyzed in his arm and down came to me. His hand was balled up into a weird shape, and I prayed for it. After the prayer, I asked him to move his fingers, and he did so. He could fully open his hands, but he still seemed to be complaining, and pointing at the crook of his arm. I prayed for that, and he started to pump his arm back and forth. He still seemed to be insistant on more prayer, but I had to move on (there were about 80,000 people there we think- we will verify that number later) because we were being mobbed- People were pushing up crippled on the stage and kicking and shoving to get to us.

Lots and lots of younger men with migraines and trouble reading and deaf and dumb spirits- the curse of dumbness, holding them back from achieving a new level of excellence and moving into the job market. One of the men with a migraine that had been there for 6 months had all of the pain leave his body. Lots of the guys wanted blessing for their education. I loved seeing their passion for trying to overcome their poverty stricken nation and the spirit of laziness that permeates this country.

A few people I prayed for did not get healed, and a few people had partial healings (and some of those, the spirit told me they would be healed in time). But for the most part, the first hour of prayer, pretty much every single person was healed of their affliction. The corporate anointing of healing was on that place, and on Rosie and I. We asked Todd for an impartation earlier in the day, in the middle of the lobby- we were so hungry for the anointing, and it made such a huge difference. That man has so much anointing, it's crazy.

Earlier today, we took the bus an hour out of town to an orphanege for retarted children that were abandoned. We purchased some toys for the kids, and went through and prayed for them and just talked to them. there was also a section of that orphanege for abandonded older folks, and we prayed for them and talked with them. Harvey and I were walking through one room praying for people, and an old indian guy rolled over, and in a totally american accent said, "Hey, how are you doing?" Harvey and I both turned to look, shocked. Then he saw a mostly empty water bottle in my hand and asked me for fresh water, and I poured the last of my water into his cup. He didn't really say anything else, but it was just such a shocker... haha.

After that, we went to a small village, where we only had about 1hr and 15 minutes to minister. We went to a school and met a classroom of kids, and then walked through the streets and found an interpreter, and our little team of five people led two families to Christ. The first family was devout hindu, and the second family was a polytheist- believed in all of the indian gods. We explained to them, Jesus is the only living God, and the only one that loves them. It was powerful and anointed, and we blessed them. When we got back on the bus to go, our videographer was doing an interview with a woman who had to sell herself several times to have enough money to take care of her kids- they were doing some research into the sex slave trade. Some people blessed her, so she wouldn't haveto sell herself anymore, and then we talked with a local pastor that was combatting the slave trade in his village. We blessed him heavily, because he was buying women's freedom.

So that was our day. Please pray for us. We are casting ourselves at Jesus' feet asking for His presence and relationship, His anointing, His blood. I find that when I ask for Jesus to break my heart, that is when I have the most serious encounters with Him, and all day I was asking for that, to make the crusade the most powerful thing possible. And it was. And tomorrow night, they are expecting quite a few more people... The rioting that happened on the second night was a little worrisome, but tonight was a little better- and God will protect us for the last night. :)

Here are Rosemary's testimonies from the healing crusade:

Every single deaf person I prayed for was healed- about 7 or 8.A totally blind lady recieved her sight- as soon as she opened her eyes, she looked around frantically, and she told everyone the number of fingers the interpreter was holding up multiple times.

A tumor was on a womans stomach, I felt it. After praying, she said it was getting smaller, and I searched for it again and could not find it and/or it was soft like regular tissue.

I prayed for a LOT of people and kept going without checking to see if they were healed, because I was up further in the crowd and surrounded. Thankfully I had a couple of interpreters come and keep everyone away from me, but there was too many people to check each one for healing.

Ricky & Rosemary

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