Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hey Folks,

So yesterday, we continued to pray and work with the womens conference (after the e-mail update). We must have prayed for over 50 women each- mostly for healing, but we did come across some people that were interested in a new mind and focus- casting out the deaf and dumb spirit. This morning, we again went back to the women's conference. During the prayer time, where we again, each prayed for another 50 or more people (at the very minimum) Rosie had a woman come up to her who she had prayed for yesterday, exclaiming that the wrist that Rosemary had prayed for was healed. The spirit really broke loose, and the worship started back up, but Rosemary was caught up in prayer for the sick in the crowd, so she just stayed down there and the women started dancing with her. :) It was incredible. Harvey and the rest of the team was up on the stage dancing around with the little children. It was so beautiful. So many healings were happening- a lady that had not been able to bend over for 3 years was healed, women with menstrual cycle issues were healed, back pain was healed, a tumor was gone.

In the afternoon, we went to the local hospital. It took us a while to get in- this is not a christian country, and the hospital is run by the government, but when we did, the spirit was already there. The boys and girls split up to go to the girls and boys wards, and we saw some pretty crazy things. I prayed for a hindu that must have had a stroke- his entire body was bloated like he had been soaking in a river while dead for three days. I prayed for a guy who had no leg. A guy that smashed his leg in a car accident had his pain go away. We all started breaking up and moving around to the different wards, and Harvey and I came across a room with some very sad sights. A woman with a baby that must have been at least two months premature. She was incredibly downtrodden, just staring at her baby. We prayed for her, we also prayed for a girl that was clawing at her throat, half screaming half moaning. When we prayed, she stopped convulsing, she sat up, started smiling, and she was thanking us so much for the prayer. We got a picture of her :) We lost our interpreter along the way, and a little five year old boy was following us around translating a little for us. We ran across a muslim family that wanted to convert to christianity, but the interpreting issues were hindering us- so we distilled the message down to: "Say: I want Jesus" and when we got him to say that, we immediately started praying for Jesus to fill him. It was amazing! We were so thrilled to see people to eager for Jesus in the ward. Another team of guys saw a man with three or four broken ribs mend themselves and uncave. Harvey and I prayed for a man in a coma, and as we were praying his leg started moving, and we prayed more, and his breathing came more easily. We also saw several cases of tiberculosis, dying people, etc... We really wish we could have spent more time there, but after an hour, we were told we had to leave, the bus was going to leave. We were all fairly dissapointed.

On the bus ride back, we had some fun sharing some stories about how we all got engaged. We found several couples that had eerily similar stories to us- the knowledge of marriage within a very short time, no dating history, God's blessing, very short dating periods, etc. All were extremely blessed and in the same exact boat as us. It was so refreshing.

Tonight we go back to the womans conference. Todd still hasn't come with us to preach or pray yet, but we're hopeful he will start getting engaged. He's been here, but he's been relaxing and preparing for the crusades, we guess. We'd really like to see his impartation in us for that gift of faith and anointing.

Love you guys! No pictures this time, didn't have time to load them onto the computer. Time is short, as always...

Ricky & Rosemary.

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