Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hey everyone.

Thank you for your continued prayers. We will be needing them, especially for the upcoming 2 more nights of crusades. We are doing crusades every day late into the night, and we need prayers for our physical strength and for souls to completely fill the stadium. Last night's crusade went well. It was the first one, so the stadium was not very full, but there were between 8 and 14 thousand people, and many received Christ. Once word gets out that there are miracles, signs and wonders happening, the multitudes gather. We saw many deaf people receive their sight and speak for the first time. It's a sight that just makes your heart melt. Ricky and I both prayed for crowds of people on the ground.

Tonight there were about 45 thousand people! That was really exciting. Ricky and I were designated as catchers on the stage for the night, and so we got to see some really cool miracles take place. Many deaf people could hear, and there were a couple cripples that were able to walk. One guy walked back and forth across the stage over and over because he was so happy that he was healed. We also witnessed one of the most amazing alter calls that we could have imagined. It's makes your spine tingle to see 40 thousand people waving their hands to receive salvation. I will never forget that.

For our outreach today, we went to a small village going door to door to pray with people. They were all so open to the gospel. We handed out candy to the kids, and gave many households some money. That is were most of the money that was donated to us is going. Most of the people are so hospitable and would invite us into their homes (one room houses) and tell us what they were needing prayer for. We saw some healing, and we prayed with quite a few more for salvation. The strange thing is explaining that Jesus is the only God. They are so open to the idea of Jesus as their healer, but when you try to explain that he is the only one, and that they need to leave behind all their other gods, it is a foreign concept to them. They are so used to worshipping many gods, that Jesus is just one more. We hope that we were able to communicate that to them well.

There are already so many stories that we have to tell, but we can't sit here and type them all out. We are excited to get back and tell our church and families about all the awesome things that are going on here. Once again, thank you for your prayers.

I love you, Dad. Tell Mom and Luke that I love them too. And you'll have to grill me the biggest piece of cow that you can find when we get back. :)

Rosemary & Ricky

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